Schooling children with disabilities can be extremely difficult.

As the parent of children with disabilities, it can be hard to let go of the responsibilities that you’ve become so accustomed to assuming over the years and hand them over to a school. Even the most experienced and compassionate teachers are going to struggle to give your child the attention they deserve.

Today, we’re going to discuss 5 ways that you can help your child get through school in a happy and productive way. Your child is going to experience challenges that no other child in their class has to deal with and they’re going to need your help. Let us do our part to help you help them.

1. Get to Know the Teacher

Teacher family relationships

The best way for your child’s teacher to keep up with their needs is to get to know the teacher and explain it to them. The teacher isn’t going to know how your child operates and they’ve got a whole classroom of other children to teach as well, so they need all the help they can get.

Go in and speak with them on day 1 and come up with a plan for your child and your own involvement in the education process. This way, you can get updates every week or two weeks and adjust your plan accordingly.

Learning as much as you can about what schools and other parents do with their kids. You can learn a lot from people that have gone through it before about what works and what doesn’t.

Becoming an expert in your child’s learning disability and keep your ear to the ground with new developments in learning disability programs. At AdaptEd 4 Special Ed, you can see a lot of books and other resources that are made specifically for helping children with disabilities learn.

3. You Know Them The Best

Children with Disabilities You Know Them The Best

No one knows your child and what they need better than you do. If you feel like they’re falling too far behind, you can take it upon yourself to help them catch up or once again, discuss omitting certain projects with their teacher.

A lot of parents find it helpful to look towards the future as much as what the instant results are saying. It’s important for your child to thrive as best that they can in school, but that’s the key, the best that they can.

Don’t push them too hard, or else you’ll run the risk of making them resent school and schoolwork.

4. Make Homework Fun

One way to get your child to spend more time on homework is to make it more fun than just sitting there answering problem after problem. Turn little things into a game so they enjoy doing the homework.

A lot of parents feel uncomfortable helping with homework, especially when their child gets to a certain age. Just showing interest in it at all will help your child associate positivity with schoolwork instead of thinking it’s boring or unimportant.

Children With Disabilities Can Love School Too

fun homework

Many children with disabilities love going to school. It’s a chance to interact with other kids and be in a different environment from the one they’re used to at home. While it can be hard for them to keep up with the actual schoolwork, ensuring that they enjoy being there and they’re learning at their own pace is important.

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