Whether you like to wake up before the sun rises or in the hours afterward, having a healthy morning routine can help you set a positive tone for the rest of your day. Moving through a set of morning rituals will help you achieve a sense of calm and peace as you’re waking up. Not to mention, a thoughtfully crafted rise-and-shine routine can also help you feel more productive and motivated, whether you’re hard at work or play.

While sticking to a routine in the making can pose a seemingly impossible challenge, trust in the age-old adage: practice makes perfect. By prioritizing these healthy habits day in and day out, your morning rituals will eventually come as second nature.

As you’re creating your morning routine, don’t feel pressured to make an extensive checklist. It’s vital to collect a set of morning rituals that makes you feel confident and encourages a positive attitude. If you’re not sure where to start, here are six healthy morning rituals you should consider adding to your morning routine.

Morning Rituals For A Healthy Life

Sip On A Superfood-Packed Smoothie

Sip on a superfood-packed smoothie

A key element of preparing for your day includes fueling your body with the proper nutrients. While some people enjoy a full breakfast every morning, complete with scrambled eggs and bacon, others may be keener for a grab-and-go meal, like a granola bar or smoothie. Not only is a smoothie packed with antioxidants and fiber, but it also makes you feel fuller and keeps you healthy, curbing health issues like cancer and heart disease.

For the busy professional on the go, who may not have time for 6 a.m. smoothie preparation, consider smoothie supplements like HerSmoothie from Mixhers. High in antioxidants, these smoothie-friendly supplements include a full serving of fruits and vegetables and fight off free radicals that come from overexposure to UV rays. Smoothie supplements are also a far more time-intensive alternative to hand-chopping fresh fruits and veggies. That said, forgo a blender in favor of a cup of water and a powder packet.

Practice Mindfulness With Meditation

Guided Meditation

When you first hear your alarm, it can be all too tempting to hit the snooze button for a few extra minutes of sleep. Rather than pressuring yourself to hop out of bed immediately, try waking your mind up with a morning meditation. Simply find a comfortable position in your bed or out, and begin practicing mindfulness. If you’re not sure how to meditate, download a meditation app like Calm or Headspace to access libraries of guided meditations.

Write In A Journal

Letting go of your stresses and frustrations can be difficult, but journaling can help you process any emotions that are crowding your brain. By emptying your thoughts onto paper every morning, you can release any pressure or tension you might be feeling and make way for positive thoughts and affirmations. Take five minutes every morning to write down whatever is on your mind, or use that time to set intentions and mentally prepare for your day.

Hydrate With A Glass Of Water

While many professionals prefer to start their day with a cup of caffeine, it’s essential to ensure you’re hydrating alongside your coffee or tea. After eight hours of sleep, without hydration, your body needs to rehydrate once you’ve woken up. Additionally, drinking water in the mornings comes with many benefits, like jumpstarting your metabolism and improving your digestion.

Move Your Body

Move your body

Exercise is vital for maintaining your health. Whether you prefer yoga or running, find time in your mornings to move your body, even if you only have five minutes. Exercise also helps jumpstart your metabolism for the day and enables you to feel happier and relaxed throughout your day.

Look Over Your Schedule

As you move on from your morning routine and begin the rest of your day, review your schedule and set realistic goals for yourself. It can feel overwhelming to think about every task you have on your plate every day, but creating and reviewing your agenda can help you determine your priorities. Focus on one task at a time, and ensure that your energy and attention are completely devoted to the assignment at hand.

The Bottom Line

Having a healthy morning routine can completely alter the way you feel every day. If you’re searching for purpose or motivation, begin by establishing a proper set of morning rituals. Soon, you’ll look forward to waking up every morning.

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