Studies show that going into the office negatively affects eating habits and health in the United States.

The office can develop poor eating habits that lead to weight gain, brain fog, and discomfort. Unfortunately, companies don’t spend time promoting health and become unhappy when exhaustion spreads.

There are a few ways that you can avoid this problem and create a strong team. Read below if you want to discover the best tips for encouraging healthy eating habits at work!

1. Create an Eating Area

Healthy Eating in the Workplace

Throwing a microwave and fridge in one of the back rooms with a table won’t encourage healthy eating habits.

Take time to create a clean and relaxing environment, where people can eat their snacks and lunches. Not only will it create a great spot to access food and warm it up, but coworkers can also share coffee and breakfast in the mornings.

Adopting healthy eating habits can get a little messy if everyone is warming up their meals and leaving them in the fridge. Make sure you designate someone or hire a cleaning team to keep the area neat and enjoyable.

2. Offer Longer Lunches

Many people wind up in a fast-food drive-thru line because they only have a few minutes to get their food.

A great way to help your staff form healthier eating habits is by extending their lunches. Giving even 15 minutes longer for lunch can give your staff the chance to order and eat something healthier. Some employees may even have a chance to go home during lunch to make food for themselves.

Extending lunch breaks can also help people form healthy eating habits since they don’t feel as rushed to eat. If you’re concerned about the time out of the office, consider how much time people take off for doctor’s appointments.

When you consider the positive impact that longer lunches can provide, the extra time becomes meaningless.

3. Focus on Vegetarian Options

One of the best ways to help staff develop healthy eating habits is to invest in vegetarian products.

Fresh fruits and veggies, along with grains and nuts can be the perfect addition to the workplace. These treats can easily become or enhance a meal and they offer plenty of nutrients. Putting rice, beans, and lettuce in your office kitchen will help when people are about to order unhealthy foods.

Although fresh food goes bad faster than processed items, they are affordable and will stay ripe if kept in the right conditions.

4. Install Proper Vending Machines

Did you know that not all vending machines are filled with chips, gum, and candy?

Take a look at these Healthy You Vending reviews to discover the benefits of alternative options. Healthy vending machines are becoming more available, and they don’t cost as much as you’d expect.

Healthy Eating in the Workplace

If you want your staff to learn how to develop healthy eating habits, they need to have healthy choices. A vending machine filled with nutritious and fresh snacks will keep up the team’s energy and productivity.

5. Set Company Goals

New Year’s resolutions can be difficult to accomplish because many people feel alone in the process.

Setting company goals and finding affordable rewards can motivate your staff to make healthy choices. Each person should have their own goals, and it shouldn’t become a weight competition. A fun way to get staff involved with goals is by having them add their fruit and veggie servings to a chart.

Over time, you can watch how the team progresses and each person will hold the other accountable. You can work with local health teams to teach staff about nutrition and provide additional resources.

6. Consider the Coffee Corner

Coffee isn’t bad for people’s health, however, many of the additives people use are.

Processed creamers, flavorings, and sugars can ruin your efforts toward healthy eating in the workplace. Instead of buying creamers that are filled with additives, look for more natural options. Brown sugar, coconut sugar, and honey are some of the best alternatives to put in the coffee pot.

White sugar can fluctuate your team’s energy and lead to a crash and burn before the day’s end. If you want to help your team make healthier choices, you can also create an area for teas and making smoothies.

7. Promote Good Hygiene

Contamination and germs can turn a kitchen into a dangerous place in the office.

Promoting good hygiene at work will help prevent bacteria from spreading. Your employees won’t feel comfortable eating in a kitchen that doesn’t feel clean and people are coughing. If anyone in the office is sick, they should stay home, but also avoid the kitchen if they have to come in.

Healthy Eating in the Workplace

When many people are using the same kitchen space, there are increased health risks. You can keep your kitchen germ-free by supplying everyone with gentle hand soap and a sink. Staff won’t be as likely to stick to their goals if they are scared to open or cut their food at the counter.

Establish Healthy Eating Habits Today

Managing a team will pull you in every direction, but if they aren’t healthy, you won’t have anyone to rely on.

Promoting healthy eating in the workplace can keep your team productive and prevent illness from spreading. When staff get the nutrients they need and don’t feel rushed to eat, they make more health-conscious decisions. Take time to swap out processed foods in the cabinets and vending machines and fill them with nutritious options.

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