1 out of every 7 adults uses a CBD product in America. Mind you, that number has been achieved in a political landscape where the use of products associated with weed has been frowned upon.

Why all of the hustle and bustle over weed topicals, extracts and other products? Because they bring real relief to people that are experiencing a wide array of debilitating conditions.

In this post, our team focuses on weed lotion which is essentially any lotion that uses weed’s CBD extract to help heal health issues. As you use CBD topical lotions, you’ll find that they masterfully provide three core benefits including:

1. Pain Relief

If you notice that you have pain occurring on your skin or very close to your skin’s surface, weed lotion can help.

The CBD in weed lotion has anti-inflammatory and numbing properties that can bring near intimidate relief to surface pain you’re experiencing. If your pain is deeper (say on a joint) it may take longer for relief but after your skin soaks up your lotion, you should notice a dulling or in some cases, complete (albeit temporary) elimination of your discomfort.

2. Managing Chronic Skin Symptoms

There are several skin conditions that, if not particularly painful, can certainly be unsightly. Some of these conditions include acne, dryness, psoriasis and dermatitis.

While not FDA-proven, there has been plenty of conjecture around how much weed lotion users love the product given how it alleviates all of the skin conditions we’ve just mentioned. That list, by the way, barely scratches the surface of what some people claim CBD products can do.

As always, talk to your doctor about weed lotion as a natural alternative to more tested medicines when managing serious conditions. They can assist you in assessing different companies by professionally culling articles like this Green Compass Global review which can help you collectively pick products that have the best chances of working.

3. Wrinkle Reduction

While not as important as pain or serious symptom relief, wrinkle reduction is a desired benefit of weed lotion. CBD is jam-packed with antioxidants that do a fantastic job of counteracting free-radical damage, toning down inflammation and evening out skin tones.

Furthermore, since weed lotion is completely natural, you run a much lower risk of irritating your skin by using it when compared to other over the counter medications.

The Benefits of Weed Lotion Go Well Beyond Its “Big 3”

When people buy weed lotion, they usually do so to manage pain, serious skin conditions and surface issues like wrinkles. Still, the advantages of weed lotion don’t stop there.

Infections. Burns. Stress… Each of those hurdles and so many more could be aided by CBD products so discuss the possibilities with your doctor and get the help that you need now!

If you’d like more guidance on natural medicine or a variety of other lifestyle topics, check out the latest posts on our blog.

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