Did you know that, on average, people are having far less sex than in decades gone by? Increased stress and busier lifestyles have led to less active sex lives.

If you’ve noticed a decline in your sex life, you’re not alone. But, it’s something you should address. Sex is not just fun; if you’re not having sex, you’re missing out on some great physical and mental health benefits!

So, to help you out, we’ve put together this guide to the benefits of an active sex life! Read on to learn more!

1. Better Immune System

Signs of a Strong Immune

Sex every day keeps the doctor away! As incredible as it may seem, people who have sex at least twice a week have significantly more immunoglobulin A in their bodies. Immunoglobulin A is essential in preventing illness and keeping your immune system online.

So, the more sex you have, the better your immune system. It’s worth noting that not practicing safe sex does have health risks, so be sure to protect yourself and your partner to make the most of the sex health benefits.

2. Increase Intimacy

Frequent sex is key to a healthy relationship. It can increase your trust and intimacy with your partner. And this deeper connection can help you feel less lonely.

Relationships and marriages that focus on having frequent sex are often less likely to result in breakups.

If you find yourself lacking confidence in your sexual performance, you can check out this resource for some supplements that will help you feel sexier and more confident in the bedroom.

3. Mental Health Benefits

Understanding the Heart and Mental Health Connection

An active sex life can increase your mood and your confidence. It also makes you less likely to experience depression, stress, or anxiety. Although these conditions can make it difficult to feel sexy, if you push through the mental block and keep up an active sex life, you’ll notice that you start feeling much better mentally.

Furthermore, older adults who have frequent sex have been shown to have better memories and fewer instances of dementia. This suggests that the health benefits of sex extend throughout your lifetime.

4. Sexercise Benefits

Sex provides similar health benefits to your daily exercise routine. It boosts your heart, burns calories, and gets your muscles firing. These benefits can reduce your risk of heart disease and can help increase your cardio and stamina.

Likewise, training your cardio in the gym can increase your stamina in the bedroom.

5. Greater Libido

Increased libido

In a self-sustaining cycle, having more sex can increase your libido and therefore increase your sexual appetite. This means that the more sex you have, the more sex you’re able to have and the more benefits you’ll experience.

Boost Your Sex Life Today

Although many people think sex is just a fun way to pass the time, it can actually greatly improve your overall health. Even having sex once or twice a week can have you experiencing all of these health benefits! So, set a goal to boost your sex life and enjoy the benefits for yourself.

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