As of February 2, 2021, masks were made mandatory for public transportation in the US. Most states also have mask mandates for when people aren’t in their homes. And it’s essential for health and safety. Even if yours doesn’t, it’s still a good idea to mask up whenever you leave the house so you can not only protect yourself and your family, but also others.

For your child’s health and safety, they should also be wearing a mask whenever they’re out. But admittedly, masks aren’t the most comfortable things.

So how can you make your kid feel better about wearing a mask? Read on to find out!

Set a Good Example for Them

Set a Good Example for Them

You’re your child’s biggest hero and role model, so why not lead by example for health and safety?

Personal protective equipment can be scary looking for young children, so they might be hesitant about even wearing masks. But if you put yours on without a fuss and go about your daily life with no issues, this can help put your kid’s mind at ease.

Walk through the process of properly putting on and taking off your mask, starting and ending with washing your hands thoroughly.

Make It Fun

Make sure you’re enthusiastic about wearing a mask so it’ll be a fun routine your child looks forward to! Pretend that you’re superheroes fighting against the COVID-19 bad guy.

You can even have one of their dolls or stuffed animals wear a mask so when they go out, Teddy’s wearing a mask with them too. Make it fun for their health and safety.

Get Creative

Disposable masks can be quite boring, so consider giving your child a reusable mask or two instead. Plus, it’s better for the environment!

Pick up masks that have cute designs that your little one’s interested in. For example, get bright and colorful prints, as well as their favorite cartoon characters.

When you have multiple masks they can choose from, your child will want to wear them more. In fact, you can make it a fun daily task to pick out a mask to wear that matches their outfit!

Listen to Their Needs

Listen to Their Needs

It’s true that some children need an adjustment period when wearing masks. But if after a few days or a week, they’re still complaining about their masks being uncomfortable, try and find something else for them.

For instance, there are masks that use ties instead of elastic bands around the ears. Give that a try to see if that’s more comfortable for your kids. Finding the best mask for them will be worth it when they’re willing to wear it!

Watch Out for Your Child’s Health and Safety

Watch Out for Your Child's Health and Safety

Now you know how to encourage your kid to wear a mask for their health and safety. While it might be difficult getting them to put one on in the first place, with our advice and some patient, you’ll be able to get your child to wear a facial covering comfortably without issue.

We wish you luck and hope that your family stays safe during these uncertain times!

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