You want to see the pyramids of Egypt or the castles of Scotland, but you also want a stable job working in healthcare. 

That usually means a static position working in a healthcare environment. Right? 

Not always. 

It’s possible to be a traveler and a healthcare professional, blending both into one! Traveling healthcare positions are waiting for you to fill them. 

Let’s take a look at five popular traveling healthcare jobs and what they involve.

1. Pharmaceutical Salesperson

This is a job that will likely take you out of your city and into different markets. You will be combining your healthcare knowledge with sales skills. 

Perhaps you’re introducing a new product to a doctor to help their patients. Or maybe you’re describing the benefits of new medical technology. 

Did we mention the median income for this position is around $100,000 or more

2. Travel Nurse

Nurses are in high demand and there’s often not enough of them. If you have the qualifications to be a nurse, then becoming a travel nurse may be an option for you. 

In many cases, the job will include rent (and even travel costs) in the package. So you can live somewhere away from home while exploring a new area on your time off.

You may find yourself in another part of your own country or dive into international travel nursing. Find job opportunities as a travel nurse on Nurses PRN.

Also, you’ll be helping to fill a healthcare void. Win-win!

3. Healthcare Consultant

This position means you’ll be visiting companies to help them find ways to maximize their profit. You take a look at the company’s structure and practices and then suggest ways to improve it. 

Healthcare consultant jobs can earn you $80,000 or more per year, while also opening up the door to travel. 

4. Locum Doctors

This physician position might be one of the best medical jobs if you’re qualified. Locum tenens traveling doctors sub in for other doctors on leave (or to fill a shortage), and that means you’ll be traveling often. 

The job usually means you’re continuing care of existing patients, not diagnosing new patients. You can also make up to $800 a day. 

5. Military Healthcare Worker

If you’re a qualified healthcare professional, you can enlist with the military for travel opportunities. You need training in healthcare while meeting enlistment requirements and officer training. 

One big advantage is that if you enlist early in your career, you may be able to complete degree programs on the military’s dime. Also, you can earn up to $220,000 a year if you have what it takes. 

Finding Traveling Healthcare Jobs

What could be better than helping people in need with your healthcare expertise while enjoying all the perks of traveling? You’ll make good money in traveling jobs, while also having your vacation paid for! 

But how do you find these jobs that allow you to travel? You can work directly for a company in another part of the country, or you can land traveling healthcare jobs through a locum agency. 

There are a lot of opportunities and money to be made in the healthcare and fitness industries, so try one and see how far it can take you. 

In the meantime, if you’re looking to travel the world before you land one of these positions, find out how you can do it affordably

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