There is a rising popularity in things referring to the art of divination and all things witchy. This is especially so regarding tarot cards. For some, the cards are a cool party trick, for others, a sacred tool. So here’s the different types of tarot cards you need to know.

If you’re looking to get into tarot reading but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. This article covers some of the basics and the different types of tarot cards you’ll use. So, keep on reading to learn how you can start your first tarot reading.

What Is a Tarot Card?

Dating back to the early Renaissance, people have used tarot cards for divination purposes. With them, we can gain new perspectives about our current situations. Additionally, we gain some guidance on how to make decisions moving forward.

They have a similar structure to regular playing cards but instead are typically comprised of 78 cards. The deck has gone through man changes, but the Smith Rider Waite deck has become the standard since 1910.

How Do Tarot Cards Work?

According to psychologist Carl Jung, tarot cards work through the process known as synchronicity. He uses this to describe the temporally coincident occurrence of events. He says that people pick out what our higher self already knows when we choose a debt card.

Most tarot card readers refer to this as the conversation that you have with your higher self. They say to look at tarot cards not as magical but as a sacred mirror, reflecting what you already know.

Types of Tarot Cards and Their Meaning

As stated a while ago, tarot cards have gone through many changes, but they all have the same structure. The 78 cards get divided into two main parts, the major and minor arcana. The major types of tarot cards arcana have 22 cards and typically refer to more significant revelations about the period.

These major arcana represent an important event/ figure in a person’s life. The minor arcana has 56 cards and gravitates more towards small everyday occurrences.

These four parts symbolize a different aspect of your life, with the wands typically depicting your creativity and passion. The swords represent your intelligence or capability of the mind. The pentacles for your money and career and the cup for your emotions and feelings.

How to Prepare and Read the Tarot Cards?

Preparing the deck is more about preferences, and what you, as an owner, decides feels right. The most important thing to do is shuffle the deck to get rid of and clear the prior reading.

Start the new session by asking a question, either something specific or a yes or no tarot reading.

Once you’ve prepared the card, the next thing you want to do is layout your spread. There are many kinds of spreads, the most basic being the three-card spread.

You can find a spread for pretty much any situation that you want to focus on, so it’s better to do more research into your preference.

Different Types of Tarot Cards Ideas

There’s a lot more to learn when dealing with tarot cards. Hopefully, we were able to give you a better understanding of the basics. From information about the deck to the types of tarot cards used.

Of course, you still need to learn how to use tarot cards to get the most out of them. Fortunately, you can pick up all the information you need by reading more of our in-depth web guides right here, today!

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