Do you often find yourself staring at your wardrobe full of clothes and still feeling like you have nothing to wear? Or are you someone who struggles to buy clothes because you dislike shopping or are still figuring out your personal style? If you fit into either of these categories, the chances are that currently, you don’t feel like your wardrobe properly represents your personality or your taste in fashion. However, just because you’re not a fan of wardrobe right now doesn’t mean it can’t be changed. You can transform your wardrobe without spending a lot of money and turn it into the wardrobe you have always wanted. Here’s how:

Do A Wardrobe Audit

If you want to transform your wardrobe, it’s a good idea to set aside some time and sort through all the clothes in your closet to figure out what kind of state your wardrobe is in. This can help you to decide what clothes you no longer need and what items might be missing from your wardrobe. For example, by organizing all the clothes you have, you might realize that you own ten pairs of jeans but hardly any tops. An audit can help you see what your bad shopping habits might be and what items of clothing you should maybe stop buying. You may also find outfits that you had forgotten about and find yourself with a handful of ‘new’ outfits. Rearranging your wardrobe once you’ve gone through all the pieces you own can instantly transform your closet and make you see your clothes in a new light.

Detox Your Wardrobe

When doing your wardrobe audit, be brutal about what clothes you’re going to keep and which ones you are going to donate or get rid of. A good policy to go by is if you haven’t worn an item of clothing in six months to a year, you’re probably unlikely to wear it any time soon, and therefore it doesn’t need to be taking up space in your wardrobe. Transform your wardrobe by getting rid of all those unnecessary items and keeping only what you really love. Ideally, you want everything in your wardrobe to be something that you wear often and that you enjoy wearing.  

Aim For A Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is when, rather than having hundreds of fast fashion clothes, you have a closet with around 15-30 high-quality pieces that you can mix and match to create amazing outfits for any occasion. The idea is to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to making clothes purchases and this is one way to get the wardrobe of your dreams. Rather than buying ten $50 tops over the course of a year, hold off and wait until you find a high-quality product you really love that suits other pieces of clothes that you own. It is a strategy that can save you money while keeping you looking stylish!

Rent For Special Occasions

If you lust after designer pieces but you feel like you can’t justify spending the money, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear them. One way to get the wardrobe of your dreams is to rent the clothes you love, rather than buying them! If you have a special occasion or birthday and you want to celebrate by dressing up, use a clothes-sharing platform like The Volte lets you rent high-end designer dresses and outfits from other users for a much cheaper price than if you were to buy the same outfit. You can wear all the brands you’ve dreamt of wearing without footing the bill!

By changing up the way you look at your wardrobe and focusing on buying pieces that really matter to you, you can have the wardrobe that you’ve always dreamt of and never say ‘I have nothing to wear again!

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