In what is becoming a theme, former Florida House Majority Leader Adam Hasner — currently exploring a run for the U.S. Senate next year — brought up the specter of Islamic law infiltrating America at an Orlando area tea party event on Wednesday.

Citing Rep. Peter King’s recent congressional hearings on the radicalization of American Muslims and the murder of two American airmen in Germany last month, Hasner said:

I am tired of the belief that it’s America’s actions that cause that type of activity and that type of ideology and that type of philosophy. We do not cause that, and you are seeing it now with recent events. We cannot allow that type of mentality, that type of belief system, infiltrate and be insinuated here in the United States, because Sharia law is not compatible with the Constitution of the United States.

The tea party crowd applauded.

Hasner continued, echoing previous remarks in saying that “America’s economic prosperity, our strong national security, and our foundational Judeo-Christian principles are interwoven and inseparable.” He then challenged Republicans not to shy away from controversial issues, such as “progressive Sharia-compliant Islam.”

Video of Hasner’s speech is below — the comments highlighted above kick in around the 10:45 mark:

Adam Hasner – 04.06.2011 from Sunshine State Sarah on Vimeo.

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