Are you on team hardwood floors or team carpet?

The battle of hardwood floors vs carpet has been going on ever since carpet began more available for a cheaper price around the 1960s. Both styles have different benefits and disadvantages, but is there a winner between the two?

If you’re ready for a home renovation and aren’t sure which one is the right choice for you, keep reading.

We’ll go through the pros and cons of each so that you can make the correct decision for your beautiful home

Hardwood Floors

Wooden floors are a classic choice that Americans have used for hundreds of years. The hardwood variety is more popular these days due to their added strength and beauty than regular wood floors.


The great thing about hardwood floors is that they last for a lifetime. If maintained, hardwoods remain for decades without any decline in their appearance. They’re a good choice for nearly any room except for bathrooms and basements where there’s more moisture present.

They’re a breeze to clean, with only a light sweeping and mopping necessary.

Many people choose wood flooring over carpet because the interior effect of these products is both earthy and beautiful. Due to its general price range, this flooring style adds to the overall value of a home.


Hardwood floors are cold to the touch and walking across them produces a louder sound when compared to carpet. They’re also much more expensive, though the price varies depending on the type of wood you install.

You’ll want to be careful to not dent the wood. Even regular furniture needs pads underneath the legs to prevent from damaging the floors.


Carpet is a popular choice in America due to its soft warmth and comfort. Many people in the ’60s preferred to cover their wood floors with carpet once it became a cheaper option.


It’s soundless to walk across and it feels warm to the touch even during the coldest winter days. Carpet is a much cheaper option than hardwood, making it a great choice for families on a budget. This also makes it easy to replace in case of damages.

The fibers of the carpet act as a natural filter, trapping in dust and dirt that you only need to vacuum away.


Because carpet traps dust, it needs frequent vacuuming and shampooing to stay beautiful. Dark stairs are difficult to remove so you need to act fast to keep it from happening.

When comparing carpet vs hardwood durability, carpet comes up last. In about 5 to 10 years, you’ll want to replace it with something fresh. It also does not add much value to your home.

The Winner of Hardwood Floors vs Carpet Is Personal Preference

After the pros and cons of each flooring style, it’s up to you to decide which wins in the battle of hardwood floors vs carpet. It’s all down to what works best for your home, your home’s interior design, and your preferences.

If you’re still on the fence about choosing between carpet or wood floors, why not mix and match to get the best of both worlds?

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