Did you know that the hardscaping industry is expected to reach a value of nearly $3.5 billion by 2021? That’s because more and more American homeowners are starting to appreciate the beauty of hardscape elements such as water features, fountains, decks, patios, retaining walls, and more.

But can hardscaping really change the feel and aesthetic of your outdoor space? And what hardscaping ideas are popular these days? Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions and discover a few stunning hardscape ideas that will “wow” your guests and relatives.

Adding a Firepit to Your Yard

For thousands of years, people have gathered around a fire to warm up, cook food, or tell stories. You can create the same atmosphere in your own yard by using a firepit. Outdoor firepits serve both decorative and practical purposes. They can be used to cook food on or just act as a light and warmth source for those who gather around it.

Best of all, your firepit can be made from different types of materials and it can be fueled by propane, natural gas, or wood. Stainless steel fire pits add a dose of elegance to your outdoor space. You can also go for fire pits made from cast iron or natural stone, depending on your preferences. You should also add a row of stones around the fire pit for people to sit on or buy comfortable outdoor sofas for your guests.

Going for Retaining Walls and Raised Planters

Retaining walls are used to prevent rocks from falling to a lower level. You might have seen them often in public parks or botanical gardens. Such walls can also be installed in your yard to add a new dimension to your outdoor space. They can be used to delimit walkways, a floral garden, or just for people to sit on.

On top of that, you might also want to consider adding raised planters. These can be made from brick or natural stone and they are useful for emphasizing the beauty of certain flowers and plants. Homeowners usually add raised planters around their patio or deck to improve the aesthetics of this outdoor space. Contact Cherry Oak Landscaping for more interesting information on retaining walls and raised planters.

Decorating with Water Features

Having water features in your yard also improves the looks of your property. They might even help you relax better in the morning while you drink your coffee. You can go for a fountain surrounded by colorful lights, a small stream that crosses your yard, or even a mini-waterfall if your budget is higher. These additions are slightly more expensive than other types of hardscaping options, but they increase home value and make you feel more comfortable in your house.

Now You Know What Hardscaping Features to Go For

These are just a few hardscaping elements you can try, but there are plenty of others. For example, some homeowners decide to add an outdoor kitchen or barbecue deck in their yard. If you love to prepare food, you might want to do the same.

For more interesting tips on hardscaping, landscaping, and how to improve your property, make sure that you check out the other articles on our website.

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