Writing an essay that will cover the topic and help get the highest grade is absolutely every student’s nightmare. They have to read tons of books, listen to boring lectures, and follow the guidelines of eccentric professors. Unfortunately, most students don’t enjoy writing essays, especially if English is not their native language. Well, if this situation is well familiar to you, you came to the right place. We’ll share some tips and hack for writing engaging A-level essays.

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Always Use Spell and Grammar Checkers

Even if you are a native speaker, you shouldn’t disregard this rule. No one is perfect, and sometimes, we all make errors. However, you may pay too much for such mistakes. To prevent this from happening, use a spell check tool to make sure your essay is free from grammar, lexical, or spelling mistakes. Spell checkers are powerful digital tools that check your essays, texts, or emails for mistakes. You only need to insert your text into a required field and wait for a few seconds until the system processes your order.

Read a Lot

You know that writing and reading are closely related. Therefore, if you want to enhance your writing style, you have to read a lot. In doing so, you’ll develop your writing style and form new writing techniques that will help you create more informative and creative essays. Remember that the more you read, the better you’ll brainstorm and structure your essays. Even if you don’t like reading, you have to make yourself do this. Find books that are interesting to you! The choice of fascinating books is broad today! You will definitely find anything that you’ll like.

Write Drafts

Remember that professional writers always begin with writing drafts. You shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes. Every person makes them. When writing drafts, you’ll organize your thoughts, plan your paper, structure your ideas, and after proofreading, you’ll see that you have a cool paper that is very interesting to read!

Don’t follow any rules while writing your first draft – just write! Later, you’ll turn it into a masterpiece that your tutor will surely appreciate!

Always Begin with Exciting Introductions

You know that the success of your paper or essay is contingent on the first paragraph. If it is too dull, and doesn’t catch the reader’s attention, you have to rewrite it. Remember that the overriding purpose of any introduction is to catch the reader’s attention. Simply put, you have to make them stop and read your essay until the end. Here are a few hacks that might help you create an engaging introductory section:

  • Begin with quotes. Find a few relevant quotes of famous people that will superimpose your audience.
  • Find shocking facts and begin writing with them.
  • Use a joke or anecdote.
  • Find statistics that will surprise your readers.

Following all these pieces of advice, you’ll surely create an engaging introduction. Bear in mind that an introductory section can’t be too long – a few sentences with an informative thesis statement are enough! The body paragraphs are the longest part of your essay.

Try the Pomodoro Technique

You know that it is really hard to focus on writing and don’t answer calls or messages that you get from your friends or relatives. Besides being creative, your success also depends on your time-management skills. This technique will help you be more effective while writing. What does this mean? Following the Pomodoro rule, you have to break your working time into 25-minute patches. You have to work on your paper or essay for 25 minutes, and after each patch, you have a short break that usually lasts for 5-10 minutes. You can’t do anything but write during these 25 minutes, but when you have a short break, you can do absolutely anything!

Always Proofread Your Essays

You can either do it yourself or ask someone for help. Never submit your essay once you complete writing. It goes without saying it includes lots of mistakes. Therefore, you have to proofread it. We strongly suggest hiring professional proofreaders (especially if this essay can directly influence your future career). In doing so, you’ll make sure experts double-check your paper and correct all the mistakes.

Start Writing With Body Paragraphs

Sometimes, it is really hard to focus and start writing with an introduction. As you already know, it must be engaging and creative. If you are inspired, you can leave this task for the end and begin writing with body paragraphs. Experts say that writing introductions makes students stare at a screen with black despair. Therefore, you shouldn’t wait for your inspiration to come, jump to body paragraphs. Leave writing opening words for later!

Following these tips, you’ll surely create a catchy and informative college essay. Remember that academic writing can be relaxing; a lot depends on your attitude to this problem!

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