Owning a gun comes with a great amount of responsibility. There are many people who own guns and who do not know the first thing about safety rules. Because of this lack of knowledge and regulations, many people die every day in firearm accidents, which is very unfortunate.

Check out the gun safety in details

Special training to avoid gun accidents

The safe handling of a gun requires special training as firearm accidents are nearly always caused by failure to comply with the basic rules of gun safety. Everybody who owns a gun needs to practice gun safety until it becomes like second nature to them.

Even children with toy guns should be taught by their parents never to point the gun at people and at pets – to make sure the muzzle is always pointed in a safe direction.

Gun safety taught by the experts

It is why a company such as STI Firearms is so valued as they have 25 years of gun experience behind them. They manufacture double-stack 1911 pistols and in a variety of calibers and always a full range of parts for 1911 pistols. There is nothing they do not know about guns – how to build them, how to train people to use them correctly, how to disassemble them and how to put them together again and also how to maintain it as well in terms of cleaning it and lubricating it.

Knowledge is Power

Firearms are made up of a hundred and one different parts and apart from the trigger, barrel and magazine there are a whole lot of other components you need to know about such as pistons, springs, levels, handguard and much more.

If you have bought a Staccato 2011 for instance, do yourself a favor and sign at the Staccato 2011 Academy where pistol how-to videos will help you become familiar with your firearm.

Know your gun well

You need to know your gun well so as to practice gun safety. Do you know how to be sure your firearm is unloaded when not in use? In fact, your gun should only be loaded when you are training or you need it for a particular purpose. When not in use, your firearm should be in a secure place away from children and unauthorized adults.

Once you are done using it, unload it immediately before bringing it back home. Certainly, before you hand your gun to someone, check the chamber and magazine to be certain there is no ammunition.

The gun homicide rate in the United States is far higher in the USA than in other industrialized countries. Unfortunately, gun laws in the USA are not good and its a massively divisive issue. Despite the challenges, there are gun-safety reforms happening and it starts by knowing the gun you buy and getting to know every part of it.

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