Polling shows that a whopping 79% of millennials enjoy checking the mail. That’s good news for you, but how can you be sure someone has received your letter?

When you send certified mail, you can be sure it will arrive at its destination. And if the package never shows up, you’ll have proof of that too. Keep reading for the steps for delivering certified mail envelopes.

Step 1: Post Office

What is certified mail

The first step to sending certified mail is bringing your package to your local post office. Ask for Form 3800 at the counter or window. This form will allow the USPS worker to prepare your package for delivery.

It also helps USPS validate that you paid for the right postage on your package.

Step 2: Purchase Certified Mail Supplies

The only additional item to purchase is a certified male label, which is available at most Post Offices. You can also print a label online.

For most people, these labels are less than $10. Click here for a breakdown of the pricing so you know how much money to have on hand.

Step 3: Receipt

You’ll need a receipt as proof that you sent something. It would be wise to let a postal worker stamp your receipt so you can confirm its legitimacy.

Step 4: Send a Certified Letter

You can use a certified mail service if you want to ensure proof of delivery. You’ll be able to track your package online. Plus, mail services send a notification once they deliver your package.

If someone doesn’t sign for the package, it will go back into the system so you can resend it. Alternatively, you can pick it up at your local post office branch or drop-off location.

Direct mail

Benefits of Certified Mail

Certified mail is reliable, secure, and traceable. It provides the courier company with proof that they delivered your package to the right person. You will also be able to maintain a record of who received your package and when.

Certified mail is also a good option for sending documents that need to be signed for. Because these packages are of high importance, the courier service will keep the recipient updated about every step of the delivery process. Your clients will know exactly when their package comes to their door.

The recipient will have to sign for the package and may be more likely to read your letter than if it were just regular mail. Certified mail may be an option for speeding up the signing process of important documents.

Drawbacks of Certified Mail

Certified mail can be expensive, especially if you need to send a package by express delivery. It also takes longer for the recipient to receive than other types of mail. If your clients are in a rush or have an urgent deadline, this option may not be best for them.

Direct Mail is Less Noticeable

Choose the Right Delivery for Your Business

Sending certified mail is a great way to send important business documents. It’s easy as long as you follow the steps above.

You must consider the recipient’s needs before sending the certified mail. If they’re in a rush, you may not want to use this service. Instead, try sending regular mail using overnight shipping.

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