It was all over the news that more people moved to Florida than any other state in 2022. But even in hot real estate markets, property owners should be motivated to sell quickly.

Based on data collected by Zillow, properties that receive an offer within the first week of listing have a 57% chance of selling at or above the list price. This figure drops to 50% for offers received during the second week. It continues in a negative trend the longer the property sits on the market.

With this in mind, keep reading for a step-by-step guide to help sell your Florida land fast!

Go the Extra Mile With Marketing

Mile With Marketing

It is conventional wisdom that investing in land is one of the safest investments a person can make. After all, it is a finite resource. The demand will always outweigh supply, inevitably causing upward price pressure, right?

Well, yes and no.

True, the land is a highly desirable asset. Many investors are likely to be interested if the opportunity feels right. But it is not going to sell itself.

If you want to close quickly on your land, you need to get creative with marketing. Don’t just stick a “For Sale” sign in the middle of the parcel and hope for the best. Some innovative ways of building a market for your land include:

  • Create a compelling narrative around your property – What sets your land apart from other parcels in the area? What are its unique features that will enhance the owner’s experience? How is it positioned to be an appreciating asset in the years to come?
  • Reach outside of your geographic location – Sure, the Florida weather is beautiful. But that’s not exactly news to locals. Target your online marketing campaigns and SEO efforts to reach people in cold-weather climates. Retirees and second-homers love the idea of Florida property.
  • Team with the best real estate photographer possible – The vast majority of real estate searches begin online in 2023. It will be impossible for your land to make a strong first impression with mediocre photos. According to Hommati, listings with high-quality photographs will sell 32% faster than those listings with lackluster images.

By building a larger pool of candidates, you significantly increase the chances of getting a strong offer within the first week of listing.

Understand Building and Development Regulations

Development Regulations

The market for your land will include candidates with diverse interests. Some will be interested in building a residential home. Others will want to construct commercial complexes. Still, others may be interested in working the land in other ways, perhaps agricultural.

It is important that you understand local building codes and zoning laws. You don’t want to have a sale fall through because the candidate finds out late in the process that he/she can’t use the land like they wanted. By clearly stating all of the land’s permissible uses ahead of time, you guarantee that only qualified candidates will make offers.

Work With a Land Broker

A land broker is a special kind of real estate agent who focuses on raw land transactions. They can be helpful when trying to sell your land because:

  • They have extensive history in facilitating land-only transactions
  • They can assist you in understanding land development regulations
  • They have in-depth insight into the market and can introduce you to contacts specifically interested in land acquisitions

Most realtors specialize in the sale of single-family homes. They are not as versed in land transactions. While you may get away with using a general realtor, you increase your chances of a timely sale by choosing a land broker.

Guide to Selling Your Land Fast

Be Willing to Pay Inspection Fees

Without a standing structure on your land, it may not seem like there is anything to inspect. However, there are many areas meticulous buyers will want checked by a professional. Some of them include:

  • The quality of the soil – Is there any contamination? Is the soil suitable for all construction types?
  • Weather – Florida is known for tropical storms. Is there anything about the location that makes it susceptible?
  • Flooding – Flood insurance premiums continue to rise. What is the land’s history of flooding? How much will it cost to have the land insured?

It may take a team of surveyors, scientists, and environmental professionals to satisfy buyers. Be willing to pay these inspection fees to ease their minds. Don’t let fees stand in the way of a timely sale.

Increase the Curb Appeal

It will be impossible to sell land fast any time the property appears rundown and shoddy. Perform landscaping as necessary. Regularly remove any trash or debris that has accumulated on the parcel. Stage the area with props, such as picnic tables and chairs, to give the land a more inviting aspect.

Use These Guide to Selling Your Land Fast In Florida

Even in a hot real estate location like Florida, you should be motivated to sell your land quickly. It will reduce stress from the selling process and help obtain the highest price. From building a comprehensive marketing plan to increasing curb appeal, use the steps listed above to ensure a timely sale of your Florida land!

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