Since partnerships will play an essential role in growing your business, choosing the right attorney for your startup, can be overwhelming in Brisbane. However, finding a suitable startup lawyer early can save a lot of pain and costs.

Therefore, It would help to share our knowledge with you on the selection process and ensure a solid and lasting relationship with your attorney (startup lawyer in this case).

While all the following considerations are important, different founders have different views on these factors. Consulting several startup lawyers can also help clarify the subtle differences between qualitative factors if you live in Brisbane.

What is the role of a startup lawyer?

The best way to seek legal advice for your startup is to talk to a startup lawyer. Commercial startup lawyers can help to identify potential legal risks and resolve any legal challenges or obstacles you may encounter in your business in Brisbane.

What is the role of a startup lawyer

Startup lawyers specialize in helping small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, and small and medium-sized enterprises solve legal problems. Unlike ordinary business lawyers, small business startup lawyers are more familiar with the legal complexities of running a small business and can provide more professional advice.

A startup business lawyer can provide you with the following help:

  • Register your company name
  • Choosing the proper business structure
  • Find the source of funding
  • Agreement
  • Comply with relevant laws and regulations
  • Create a non-disclosure agreement with shareholders
  • Conduct proper due diligence
  • Protect your intellectual property

Startup lawyers are generally cheaper than commercial ones. They more likely play an active role and personal interest in the success of your business. Like ordinary commercial or corporate lawyers in Brisbane, they are licensed and supervised by the Bar Association, theΒ  Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), and the Lawyers Standards Board.

It is best to seek advice early, and hire a trusted lawyer.

What are the aspects to look for before appointing a startup lawyer?

Knowledge and experience

When working with startups, the concepts of experience and knowledge are divided into two different levels. Startup lawyers who specialize (or almost exclusively) work with emerging and fast-growing firms and their venture capitalists.

Knowledge and experience

It is related to finding an experienced startup lawyer who will advise clients in all startup life cycle stages (i.e., creation and initial financing). And after the venture financing stage and development, exit from the merger and IPO).

To help ensure that your long-term legal solution is to build valuable institutional knowledge as soon as possible and to save costs associated with changing attorneys at a later stage and on the eve of major milestones (such as financing or mergers and acquisitions-related stuff).

The second level is specialized with knowledge of the industry (or sector). The type of consideration you should put on the second level is highly dependent on your industry’s nature. For example, attorneys with significant industry law can best help with regulatory issues, licensing agreements, and cooperation, as well as important intellectual property issues.

However, even seasoned attorneys in Brisbane who are starting practice will employ highly specialized associates who will assist in each of the above areas.

Also, there will be no significant differences in your startup attorneys’ core corporate governance and funding work between life sciences and SaaS companies. Therefore, It is possible to overestimate this level of knowledge at the expense of other qualitative factors.

Find an authentic expert

Just as you think of yourself as the person involved in this business and hire an expert to help you scale, you also need a legal expert. The law is complicated. It frequently changes, as do the players and the environment you encounter.

It is improbable that you will hire a hairdresser to take care of your SEO, or a production line manager from your favorite restaurant as a CTO. Therefore, make sure that the lawyer you hire is also a professional in the field you need.

In the process, you may need someone who specializes in company law, fundraising, intellectual property, etc. As your business grows, you will also need family law and asset protection.

Communication at work

Clients often underestimate the adequacy of attorneys in their way of work and communication, this may be the most critical factor in establishing a long-term and effective relationship with your attorney. Of course, an efficient service provider will say so (usually, they will always be available).

Communication at work

However, suppose you want to fix a problem quickly with a speed phone on a more nuanced level. In that case, you may want to know if your lawyer frequently answers calls (rather than checking and answering via email). Because sometimes instant help is necessary.

Suppose you want to use detailed emails to outline all the problems related to a particular case so that you can understand them yourself and conveniently answer them. In that case, you may need a lawyer rather than the one who likes to call and email quickly.

Another critical factor related to work style is the attorney’s current workload and employee expectations of relationships (and specific transactions). However, in the end, you can only chat with colleagues who are not so fluent.


When it comes to an attorney in Brisbane, you usually get what you pay for. Ask 99% of the people who chose a free public defender and were charged for what they did not do. However, with a strong team of lawyers, they can go free or without significant punishment.

As any good startup lawyer knows, efficiency is critical for early-stage businesses. Most law firms should compare promising startups with startup discounts that are lower than their standard hourly wages. Sometimes the salary is inversely proportional to the total cost, as companies with lower salaries may lack knowledge and therefore have to spend many times on the projects.

Many companies also provide fee deferral arrangements for the establishment and organization of new startups in Brisbane. Although the financing event can be used to share legal expenses before the company provides cash to pay for these expenses, it is evident that the extension will not reduce the overall legal expenses. When a small amount of equity is exchanged for funds, the extension will eventually prove to be quite expensive and a successful exit.

The extension of fees may cause all parties (clients, lawyers, etc.) to be less sensitive to fees at the beginning. It will reduce the pressure on all parties to establish open and frequent communication channels on costs. This ultimately proves the long-term maintenance. Cost is the most valuable long-term expense in a check.

Rather than dropping the jar, it is better to allow the attorney-client relationship to oblige both parties to deal with attorneys’ fees in the early stages of the engagement through open and honest dialogue to ensure that these expectations are met. Furthermore, the costs are consistent for each project.

An excellent way to promote dialogue is to establish an effective way of meetings with free reports and discuss future issues with attorneys so everyone is informed. Being prepared when these issues arise can also help you consider alternative methods to achieve your business goals and control legal costs.


The bottom line is, if you want the joint venture to operate, raise funds, scale it up, and possibly even end profitable exports, you need legal support and protection in Brisbane.

Your business registration document must be structured to protect it. It must be protected with each round of financing. If you get real traction, sooner or later, someone will try to sue you.

As mentioned above, acknowledging all of these factors and considering your style and needs before proceeding with the attorney selection process can help you avoid common mistakes. Because ultimately, the key to building a relationship is whether the attorney is serving the client in a way that truly fulfills your needs.

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