Erectile dysfunction is a common issue, with roughly 20 million American males experiencing it every year. It’s something that can stir up embarrassment and anxiety, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Erectile dysfunction meds are available, and they’re effective at producing an erection so you stay sexually active into old age. Whatever the source of your ED is, treatments can bring back your confidence.

We’re going to take a look at some of the erectile dysfunction treatments that are available today, giving you some insight into your options for changing your situation back to a sexually active one.

Options for Erectile Dysfunction Meds

Options for Erectile Dysfunction Meds

Most of the available erectile dysfunction meds have come in a tablet. Options like Viagra and Cialis tend to be effective for a lot of men, and there are few side effects to note with appropriate use.

Erectile dysfunction meds are fast-acting and work to send more blood to the penis in order to produce an erection. Depending on the dosage, that erection could last a significant amount of time, even longer than your erections normally would be.

The medication you’re prescribed will dictate the length of time that the erection lasts. Another aspect of these medications is that they encourage the effects of nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is a chemical that allows the muscles of your penis to relax. If your issue is a physical one, that should change the chemical environment in your body enough to allow blood to flow and produce an erection.

Those who are taking nitrates or beta-blockers might not be able to take erectile dysfunction meds, however. Medications with those ingredients can produce adverse effects and cause complications.

Alternative to Pills

Oral Pills

On the other hand, there are other forms of erectile dysfunction treatments like Trimix.

Trimix is a treatment that involves a short injection, followed by a long-lasting erection. Injections might sound a little daunting, but they’re a safe and effective alternative to tablets.

Injections are considered to be the most effective treatment to ED, aside from surgical intervention. The erections produced from injections can make your erections last long enough to persist through your climax.

Increased blood flow to the penis to such a high degree can help to improve the state of your erectile dysfunction as well. Repeated use of these medications can strengthen the muscles and functions related to sexual function.

That improvement can combat the existing symptoms of ED and help you come back around naturally. Further, the psychological benefit of erectile dysfunction medications should not be ignored.

Sex is both a physical and mental pursuit. The confidence boost that comes from successful intercourse can definitely chip away at some of the symptoms of your ED.

Want to Learn More About Erectile Dysfunction?

Want to Learn More About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction meds are an excellent way to get back to your former self and start feeling confident again. There’s a lot to learn about the condition if you want to recover from it, though.

We’re here to help.

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