We all dread returning home after what we thought to be an epic vacation, only to be faced with meltdowns and tantrums. “I didn’t even like that hotel. So boring,” “why did you not let me climb that rock,” “I wanted to go hiking.” Yes, these are a few sentences that might echo in your ears. It might feel like you spent all that money and energy only to be unappreciated and, even worse, so angry.

But that doesn’t have to happen. If you have a game plan, you can have a tantrum-free family vacation and enjoy every bit of it. If you aren’t sure where to start, we have some sweet tips that will help!

Include Your Kids in Every Discussion

The Best Family Vacation Spots to Enjoy This Summer and Next!

Choosing a destination? Let the kids have their say. Even if you find their ideas bizarre, you’ll at least know what they’re expecting from the vacation. Ask them questions to get the most information out.

“What kind of activities would you like to do?” “Are there any specific places you’d love to visit?”

You’ll kill two birds with one stone: you’ll know what to add to your vacation list, and they’ll feel like their opinion matters.

When you have all the details, pick a destination everyone will be equally excited about.

Multi-generational families love Pigeon Forge in Tennessee. This mountain town is teeming with activities and attractions that’ll keep everyone smiling.

Choose Activities for Everyone

If you have baby boomers and kids in the mix, finding activities that everyone will love can be quite a challenge. But you’ll be surprised to know how big of a difference the right activities can make. For the adventurers at heart, you can find a zipline in Pigeon Forge and choose from four of the best ones. From Legacy Mountain Ziplines, which are approximately 500 feet above the ground, to Smoky Mountain Zipline, operating for more than ten years as one of the best ziplining spots in the city, you can pick the one that satisfies the thrill-seekers.

For the ones with a quieter taste, try a round of mini-golf. Pigeon Forge has some remarkable courses to bring out your competitive side. Plus, it’s a great family-friendly activity.

If you’ve never been to The Island, it’s definitely worth a visit. With its carousel and iconic Ferris wheel, it’ll give the whole family their fill of fun and excitement.

Of course, you can do plenty of other things in Pigeon Forge. But the key is to keep everyone happy.

Pick a Family-Friendly Accommodation

No one wants to compromise their bed space when the feet are sore and the backs kill. It can trigger the worst tantrums in an instant! So, make sure you choose accommodation with enough room for each family member.

If you’re impressed by Pigeon Forge and are planning your vacation there, you’re in for more pleasant surprises. The scenic town is home to the best family-friendly cabins, and you can find one in a secluded spot or close to the attractions. Some cabins also feature private swimming pools, fire pits, and hot tubs! So, everyone will have something to keep them busy and relaxed.

When selecting your cabin, lock the one with a spacious living room or a more open floor plan. It’ll allow you to gather in one place for a game of charades (or whatever you want to bond over!)

Family vacation

Remember Food Preferences

You can’t dodge this bullet if you’re the appointed family vacation planner. You must know everyone’s palates and dietary preferences. Food has its way of bringing people together, but it can also earn you a few death stares if you don’t pick the best from the menu.

You can research the area’s top eateries, go through the menu, and make a personal list on your phone. But don’t skip the specialties in the process.

Pigeon Forge offers some of the best smoked meats and sweet treats. Puffy pancakes, fried chicken, and lemon meringue pie are local favorites.

And if you happen to be there in August, visit the Ole Smoky Barn, Patriot Park, and the Tower Shops for fantastic food and wine festivals.

Don’t Over Plan or Be Too Rigid

You may have the best plans and itinerary, but don’t forget to breathe. As much as you want to fill each day with activities, family vacations should be about flexibility and going with the flow.

Your kids might want to spend hours at one of the arcades, your partner may wish to visit the local art galleries, and you can always add some winetasting.

You can all take a fun family road trip to a nearby town or take some time to just relax on the porch of your cabin.

Remember that a relaxed vacation is far better than a jam-packed one.

So, give your family members some time on their own. Let them find their way to enjoy the trip. You’ll be surprised to see how much they can come up with.

Include Some Laughter Therapy on Your Trip

Nothing strengthens family bonds like laughter, and you can add a few doses of it to your trip. Pigeon Forge is home to hilarious shows like the Comedy Barn Theater, Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show, and Dolly Parton’s Stampede Dinner Show. The best part about these shows is that they offer hearty meals along with comedy.

Cheap family vacations

However, we recommend you book your seats well in advance to avoid any disappointments later. These comedy shows are pretty popular among tourists, so they get full sooner than you expect.

Final Thoughts

Family vacations are an experience we all should enrich our lives with. They bring laughter, joy, and memories that last a lifetime. But the more people in the family, the harder it gets to keep tantrums at bay. Their idea of “perfect” might not even come close to yours. But it’s all about finding the sweet balance and incorporating activities to keep everyone happy.

Planning the vacation together as a family is also a good idea. Talk, express, and question, so you don’t have to give explanations later.

We hope this guide has helped you understand family vacations a little better and given you some ideas that could help you plan the perfect one. Have a blast.

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