Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life.

It’s a chance to celebrate the love you’ve found with your partner and to share that with all your friends and family. Between the ceremony setup, the party that follows, and the excitement leading up to the event, there are many lovely moments to enjoy.

That is the true beauty of a wedding. But, there are also the cool perks of being a bride, like throwing an awesome bridal shower and dressing up on the big day.

You know everyone will have their eyes on you, so you might as well wear something no one will be able to forget. A lace wedding dress can do just the trick.

However, there are some things you should know before saying yes to such a dress. Here are the rules of thumb to keep in mind while shopping.

Know Your Style

The thing about finding the perfect lace wedding dress is that, just like any other kind of dress, there are so many to choose from! The options can seem endless at times, which makes shopping more stressful than it should be.

Thankfully, you can easily narrow everything down whether shopping in a store or online with a few tricks.

Cuts and Silhouettes

No matter what kind of material a wedding dress is made out of, there is a certain look the designer is going for. This always comes down to the cut of the dress and the silhouette it creates.

If you’ve never paid much attention to these details before, this is your time to learn more about them.

Would you rather have a wedding dress that hugs your body and accents its curves, or one that is a bit looser and maybe even flowy? Do you want it to be sleek and simple or to have a big poof, like a mermaid or a ball gown style?

These details are just a few basics to remember as you’re looking at different silhouettes. But, each silhouette will have a variety of cuts and lace details.

Some lace wedding dresses will be lace from head to toe. Others will be a mix of lace with a few different fabrics to make the look come together.

Still, many of them will have a specific cut.

They will have a range of necklines choices — from strapless to a high collar to sweetheart to a square or a v-neck cut — as well as cutouts along the dress. For example, you may have a lace wedding dress with an entirely open back, or one that has laces and/or cutouts along your back.

How are you supposed to choose from all of these looks?

By having an idea of what you want ahead of time. Browse through different lace wedding gown designs and pay special attention to the way they look on the models. Then, consider your own body and the features you want your dress to highlight.

Movement and Comfort

No matter what kind of look you want your dress to achieve, make sure you get the same level of comfort as you do style.

Remember, you will have been in your dress for hours by the time the night is over. You need the dress to function while you’re sitting, standing, walking around, and dancing — all for extended periods of time.

Make sure the lace on your dress is not too delicate for such movements. Also, test it out to see if you have the freedom to move about as you please.

Can you do your favorite dance moves in this dress? Will you be able to eat without worrying about the dresses sleeves or trims as you do so?

Such details can help you choose between your favorite looks. At the end of the day, your confidence will shine better the more comfortable you are, and this is an accessory every outfit needs.

Plan Ahead for Alterations

Although comfort is very important, it doesn’t always have to make or break your decision. If you absolutely love a certain lace wedding dress, but it doesn’t exactly fit just right, get it altered.

Most brides do this with all kinds of dresses. For lace wedding dresses, though, the sooner you get your alteration, the better.

Lace is a much more delicate fabric than something like cotton or silk. It takes a tailor a longer amount of time to work on, and you always want to leave enough room in your schedule should you need a follow-up alteration.

Handle With (Extreme) Care

Another thing to consider as you’re shopping is the level of care that comes with a lace wedding dress.

Most of the time, when a dress is with the designer you’re buying from or the person who is doing alterations, it’s in good hands. When it’s under your care, there are certain things you should do to make sure the lace is in top condition on the big day.

Storing the Dress

It’s not a good idea to hang a lace wedding dress. This risks stretching the lace, and therefore ruining how it fits, due to the weight of the material as a whole. Not to mention, any old hanger just won’t do.

Instead, the best place to store a dress with lace is to lay it flat — all the time. From the moment you bring the dress home until the wedding day arrives, keep it on the bed of the guest bedroom if you have one.

If you don’t have the extra space, or you’re worried about your soon-to-be hubby getting a sneak peek, keep it under the care of someone you trust. Your mother, grandmother, or best friend is bound to have an extra bed they can lay it on and keep it safe.

Transportation and Wrinkle Management

In addition to keeping the fabric from stretching, laying a dress also keeps it from wrinkling. This makes preparations during the few days leading up to the wedding much easier.

But, when the day does arrive, be careful transporting your lace gown from where it’s been stored to where you are getting ready.

This goes for travel by land and by air. Transporting in the car should be simple because it is in your hands, but you may need to make special arrangements when traveling by plane for a destination wedding.

When in doubt, just remember to keep your gown with you at all times. Don’t check it at a gate of public transport, and don’t take it out of its special packaging.

Even if everything is already in the location you plan to have the event, make sure the dress is safe. Be cautious when toasting, doing makeup, and eating while you’re getting ready to put it on.

This ensures you look as good as ever when the time comes to make your big entrance!

A Lace Wedding Dress: Bold, Elegant, and Fabulous

Wearing a lace wedding dress is always a good idea — you just have to know what to look for and how to manage it. Lace is feminine and elegant, as well as a bit sexy and always flattering.

A lace dress looks great in a backyard country wedding or in a glammed-up vintage venue. It is perfect for someone who loves dressing up all the time or those who prefer to go all-out on occasion.

Already have a few ideas in mind of what you want to buy?

Perfect, make sure you have all the accessories you need to complete your look.

This includes shoes and a hair and makeup trial, and of course, the ring!For tips on buying a wedding ring, click here.

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