Former health-care executive and Florida GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott has $218 million of assets, according to state financial disclosure forms released Friday.

Political neophyte Scott, former CEO of for-profit hospital chain Columbia/HCA and co-founder of a chain of walk-in clinics called Solantic, has catapulted to a 13-point lead over Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum in the Republican primary, thanks in part to a blitz of television ads that have already cost Scott $15 million.

Scott has a myriad of investments, but some highlights from the form:

– Scott and his wife own an $8.8 million house in Naples, which they bought in 2003 for $11.5 million.

– $62 million in Solantic stock

– $20 million in Drives, LLC, which makes mechanical chains

– $19 million in RLSI-CSP Capital Partners, LLC, โ€œa specialist private equity investment management firm, focused on Asiaโ€

– $1.1 million due from Quepasa, a Spanish/English social-networking site

Democratic candidate and Florida CFO Alex Sink and McCollum also released their financial disclosure forms. McCollum has assets of $1.3 million, while Sink has assets of $9.2 million.

The full Scott disclosure:

Rick Scott Fin Disclosure

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