Republican candidates for Florida congressional seats David Rivera, Allen West and Dan Webster, as well as Republican U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio have earned the endorsement of Government Is Not God, a political action committee for social conservatives.

William J. Murray, currently the chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition, founded Government Is Not God in 1992. Government Is Not God’s website states:

The mission of Government Is Not God – PAC is the election to Congress of men and women who hold conservative beliefs on both moral and economic issues. Candidates seeking GING-PAC support must complete a questionnaire concerning their stand on issues such as abortion, gambling, drug use, home schooling, school prayer, property rights, Second Amendment rights, welfare, defense and taxation.

  • GING-PAC is different in one very important way from the Christian Coalition or the Liberty Alliance or other “education” groups. We believe these groups do a wonderful work. But, the federal government does not allow them to directly support candidates for office. …
  • GING-PAC can run radio and TV ads favoring candidates who openly support Judeo-Christian values [and] even give money directly to those candidates for their campaigns. …
  • We support candidates who believe that God is God and the Government should never try to be!
  • GING-PAC supports only candidates who affirm that they are pro-life, pro-family and stand firmly against the unbiblical welfare state that is destroying the spiritual and economic greatness of our nation.

The GING-PAC bottom line belief is that government should not play God. Families, not the federal government, are ordained of God to rear and educate children and to manage their own affairs. Government is Not God – PAC works to elect to office Congressmen and Senators who share that belief!

The online bookstore of Murray’s Religious Freedom Coaltion says that “Murray contends in his latest book, The Pledge: One Nation Under God, that atheistic forces, spearheaded by the ACLU and Michael Newdow, are engaging in a religious cleansing of American society. These forces seek to replace faith in God with an atheistic, secularist, and heartless philosophy that has no respect for the belief that the human race is God’s creation.” data show that Florida candidates running for federal office in 2010 have not received money from Government Is Not God. In the 2008 election, Republican Allen West did receive funds from the group, along with Republican presidential candidates Mike Huckabee, John McCain and Tom Tancredo.

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