Many small island nations offer to apply for their documents. Thanks to them, it is possible to travel around the world, conduct business in the country, and receive other preferences. According to a specialist of the company Immigrant Invest Victoria Atanasova, this practice is an opportunity to attract new investments and to develop, because small countries have few sources of income.

The opportunity to obtain a Grenada citizenship has been available for quite a long time. Another state is interested in attracting new investors, so it is ready to offer them the most favorable conditions. You can get citizenship in St Kitts and Nevis for quite a long time. The country has a good climate, quality service, as well as favorable conditions for different types of businesses. Therefore, the investment will quickly justify itself and allow you to bring income to a new level.

Features of applying for St Kitts citizenship

applying for St Kitts citizenship

In this country, the citizenship program has been working since 1984. Thanks to this, everything is perfectly organized and developed. There are minimal requirements for investors. First of all, the main applicant must be of legal age. He has also to prove the legality of obtaining his funds, confirm that he is not persecuted by the judicial systems of different countries.

St. Kitts offers several main types of investments. The most affordable is a contribution of $150,000 to a special fund. Another option of non-refundable payment involves investing 250,000 c.u. It is also possible to buy real estate. Its minimum price is 400000 dollars. The list of homes that can be purchased is selected by the government itself. If you have more than one person in the application, you will need to pay additional fees.

The application process takes 2-3 months. You can get St Kitts citizenship in just this period of time. Since the rules are quite simple, the popularity of this program is easy to explain.

Features of the Grenada citizenship

Grenada citizenship

The Grenada citizenship program was launched much later. It started working in 2013. Only adults can join it. You also need to confirm the source of funds, prove that the investor does not have a criminal record.

There are two types of investments offered in this country. The first is $150,000 to the local national foundation. Grenada CBI assumes that you donate this amount of money.

The second investment option is the purchase of real estate. Its value is 350000 dollars. The government makes the current list of houses that you can buy in order to obtain citizenship. Later, after a few years, you will be able to dispose of real estate. The term of the application is 2 months. If there are no questions, you can obtain all the necessary documents. This is the first step to fully enjoy staying in this country, doing business here.

Specifics of Saint Kitts CBI vs Grenada CBI

Saint Kitts CBi vs Grenada CBI

Making a comparison between Saint Kitts CBI vs Grenada CBI, it can be noted that they have a lot in common. For example, it concerns the requirements for potential investors. They also have approximately the same deadlines for applications. However, there are differences as well. For example, the program in Grenada is noticeably cheaper than in St. Kitts. You can save $50,000 on a home purchase. You can also ignore the fact that Grenada has a visa-free regime with China. It is also easy to enter the U.S. from this country. It has access to an E-2 visa. In this respect, St. Kitts is seriously inferior. However, the passport of this country gives the right to visa-free travel to 136 countries. Grenada has only 124 states.

If we talk about the advantages of St. Kitts, here the passport is issued for a longer period – 10 years instead of 5. As for the other benefits of this country, we can’t miss the following:

  1. Favorable conditions for business. The country has a well-thought-out tax system. This allows you to start a business without large expenses.
  2. Quality service. You can see for yourself that it is easy to rest and work in this country.
  3. A pleasant climate. The country is warm, there is access to the sea. Here you can feel 100% safe and plunge into an atmosphere of relaxation and harmony.

However, the same can be said about Grenada. In general, both states are competing for investors and offer similar conditions. It is important to take into account what is decisive for you. This will help determine the final place to move.

For example, it is easier to move your relatives to St. Kitts. However, you will have to pay extra for this. There are also differences between St Kitts and Grenada investment programs. The latter country offers better conditions for those who plan to open a business in the U.S. in the future.

One of the features of each program is the fact that it is possible to submit an application online. This allows you to save a lot of time. You no longer need to fly to these countries, to collect a package of documents. Take advantage of the help of professionals to arrange everything online. If there are no questions, you won’t have any problems with obtaining a residence permit. This will allow you to discover all the benefits of traveling around the world, as well as claim your company in new markets. It is enough to make a small investment to appreciate all the benefits.

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