Once he was arrested, Greer refused to answer questions from party attorneys who were defending it against his suit. In court pleadings, he said he couldn’t without causing problems for himself in the criminal case.

So Greer allegedly created a front company to steal from party money, and now wants the severance package he negotiated before the indictment. It remains unresolved, however, when and what other RPOF members knew about the alleged front company, Victory Strategies.

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Nearly five months ago, the St. Johns Riverkeeper first launched its campaign against a pipeline that will reroute much of the waste from Georgia-Pacific's Palatka paper mill into the St. Johns River, a project the Riverkeeper says is a disaster waiting to happen. Though the Riverkeeper has received no response from Gov. Rick Scott (despite a massive email campaign and the collection of thousands of signatures against the pipeline), there may be hope for their cause yet, from the Scott-appointed head of the state Department of Environmental Protection.