Billionaire self-funded Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Greene has a new campaign manager. The last one quit after two months.

Meanwhile, the St. Pete Times attempts to get at Greene’s claim he has created thousands of jobs, and if he ever put on a hard-hat at work. End result: He says, Yes!, opponent Kendrick Meek — surprise — says, Pshaw!

The paper also catalogs Greene’s early career as an event promoter and notes civil penalties in two states after charities that partnered with his company complained they didn’t get the donations from proceeds as promised. The paper also found several code violations and liens against Greene-owned properties in his sprawling real-estate empire. Greene says both cases represent minuscule percentages of the overall business he has conducted.

Meanwhile, Greene’s people are sending around an Orlando Sentinel column asking questions about Meek’s connection to medical suppliers and their the suppliers’ opposition to Medicare competitive bidding reforms.

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