The beautiful Green Opal rough stone has importance as a gem, and it has an illustrious history. Its Greek name ‘Opallios’ means ‘to see a change of color’ and that’s exactly what happens as the stone gives off a rainbow iridescent effect.

It’s the birthstone for the month of October and while everyone wants luck and joy on their birthday, there was a time when this stone was considered bad news. In fact, it was a novel that caused the stone to get its bad name and for people to stop buying the stone.

There have actually been many stories and superstitions surrounding the Opal that has given it a bad name but they have overcome these stories and today they are looked upon as stones of great importance.

What Are The Different Types Of Opals?

Green Opal

There isn’t really a specific color for October’s birthstone, but the green opal is a treasured color as it is believed that it can help you enjoy success with your relationships. 

The stone can be found in almost any color. The opal is made up of spheres of silica. The spaces between the spheres contain a silica solution, and when light passes through the spheres and hits the silica solution, it is diffracted.

This is what causes the different rainbow colors for gemstone rings. Color also depends on the size of the spheres, which means that smaller spheres result in blue colors, and larger spheres result in red or orange.

Other Opal Colors

pink opal meaning

The more uniform the grid-like structure, the more intense the colors will appear. Perhaps what makes the opal so unique is that it has this mesmerizing play of colors and this makes it unique from types of opal stones.

The red opal is the rarest of all the colors. Then orange, green, blue, and purple. You will hardly ever find the opal stone being a single color.

Black Opal

Black opals are a highly desirable and sought-after Opal and are treasured the world over because it is believed that the color play is best displayed in the black opal. In fact, the natural black color highlights all the different colors, and black is considered to be one of the most valuable opals. 

Harlequin Opal

This is a rare and expensive variety, coming in a tile pattern with black body color.


Fire opal is a warm, glowing opal with the basic color being orange or red, with both colors being associated with fire. It comes mostly from Mexico.

While it is thought that these opals are the most common and those that have little flash in them are looked upon as the least sought after. 

Blue Opal

Blue Opal’s beautiful opals can be a light gray color to a magnificent aqua and turquoise to deep blue. There can be streaks of other types of opals.

Pink Opal

Pink opal’s value and properties are a peachy, salmon shade of pink and can be speckled with orange and black. 

With the opal, the different angles that you hold the opal will reveal different colors as well as the size of the stone.

It is precisely why it is so difficult to say that Opal is one color. The larger opals reveal more reddish or orange shades while the smaller opals are more likely to be the greens or blues.

One thing is sure, with all the variety in color, raw types of opals stones make unique jewelry and you can customize your jewelry and have a wide range of styles.

Is Green Opal Valuable?

Green Opal Value

The price of opal stones differs around the world. A green opal can be just a few dollars in price but it can also cost thousands of dollars. The opal is a stunning iridescent natural gemstone made from silica minerals.

What makes the opal distinct is its ability to flash fiery colors from within the stone. This is just one feature that makes opals pricey and popular among admirers.

There are a number of characteristics that make the Australian Opal expensive and also so desirable. Yes, opals exist globally, but the biggest supply comes from Australia.

In some instances, the diffraction of light within an opal can cause interesting patterns and these patterns can actually increase the value of a stone. Small dot-like patterns aren’t as sought after as bold ones such as stripes.

Assessing the value of an opal isn’t easy. Each specimen has certain factors that make it a unique stone. There have never really been certain hard and fast ways to establish which opal stones are classified into a value system. Prices will change depending on the factor that affects the quality of the stone. 

Opal prices vary depending on where you buy them. Australian opals have a reputation for being the most expensive opals in the world. In fact, the rarest uncut opal, the ‘Fire of Australia’ is valued at $675,000. 

When opal is extracted, large rough specimens are sorted and sold as opal doublet stones. Rough opal specimens are prepared to be cut into opal gemstones for jewelry. Once opals are categorized, they are sold at the price per carat.

Opal costs vary from about $10 per carat to about $6,000 per carat. Each opal gemstone is unique from the next.

What Are The Metaphysical Properties Of Green Opal Meaning?

This gives you a better imagination, helping you to think more clearly and also helping with creativity. The beautiful green opal assists in strengthening relationships, particularly when you wear it around your neck.

On a physical level, the cool green stones can soothe an infection with fever. It also helps you deal with life’s fast pace and unpredictability. For people stuck in a routine, the green Opal encourages them to embrace the unpredictable nature of life and to open themselves to newness.

By opening your heart, this opal prepares you for change and with the support that the opal provides, you’re better able to embrace new experiences in your life.

Different Types Of Opals And Shapes

The opal comes in many different shapes and sizes and the colors vary too. As previously mentioned, they are mineraloid gel, so they don’t have the same structure as the use of the crystal, which is formed from a blend of water and silicon dioxide.

Over a certain period, water flowing through the ground picks up silica from sandstone and washes it into cracks in the rocks. The moisture evaporates leaving behind a deposit of silica, and the cycle is repeated and this is how the opal actually forms.

The opal can also form over fossils locked into the rocks, creating colored gemstone depictions of creatures that existed long ago. 

Raw Opal Healing Properties

A raw opal is one that is uncut and unshaped. A raw gemstone is also referred to as a rough gemstone. People buy a rough opal not realizing that once it is faceted you end up with it being much smaller than the original size! So, if you are planning to buy a raw opal, keep in mind that it will shed its size significantly.

These rough opals are uncut stones from the opal mines. They are sold after cleaning to opal cutters or to serious professional cutters who on-sell them to opal manufacturers or jewelers.

Buying rough opals can be a risky business but they’re more or less alright if left in water. It’s when you remove them from the water that they crack and fall apart. 

If you’re restless and your thoughts are racing, the opal healing properties possess soothing water elements that can help with balancing your emotions as you try to organize your thoughts.

When it comes to healing, the opal is a stone many people turn to. The stone has different physical forms, but each form provides the wearer with incredible healing that balances your body and mind.

Overall, the opal healing properties can offer sought-after physical healing properties, and many people rely on the stone to retain youthfulness and stamina. The stone also helps those suffering from anxiety and heart problems.

The opal is also beneficial when it comes to emotional healing. This opal provides you with a sense of being in control and having this sense of control helps with emotional healing.

Opal is also looked upon as a meditation gemstone, helping the wearer to have a calm mind.

What Are Green Opal Benefits & Good For?

Green Opal Benefits

This Opal is known for promoting imagination and creativity. People who have always loved art but who have grown bored with it can have their desire to paint again restored. 

Wearing Opal in jewelry or even carrying an opal stone in your pocket when creating art can help you to feel inspired by your work. 

Even rough Green Opal is also an excellent help for someone who is in a transitional phase.

This opal joins the Solar Plexus with the Heart and provides a different perspective to joint ventures. It is all about finding a balance of emotions.

So if you are someone who is easily offended and who takes things personally, this opal can be of assistance to such a person. It will help you rather adopt a ‘water off a duck back’ attitude.

It also has a gentle strength. It helps you to stand firm and not be a push-over, pandering to someone else’s wants so that you actually begin to lose your identity. 

Nobody wants to remain static. You want to grow and develop from strength to strength. This opal is all about getting rid of the old and that which is considered no longer of use and embracing the new and workable. 

For anyone who feels intolerant and impatient, the green opal rough helps to ease those feelings and to help your feelings become more tolerant. 

People who know this opal will tell you that there is a sense of fun within this opal as it’s a stone of youthful energy and vitality. The green opal encourages one to lighten up somewhat and to become just a little bit more adventurous and give something a go that you’re interested in. 

The 21st century is full of obstacles and hardships and for those facing obstacles that are holding you back, the Opal provides one with a sense of strength and determination. It takes away those feelings of being overwhelmed, and instead of running away, face any challenges bravely.

It allows you to see yourself as you are. It especially draws your attention to negative aspects so that you can change this. 

It brings you happy dreams but it is also able to bring you changes for the better in your life. 

The Opal helps bring you peace so that you’re able to go into a meditative state more quickly. It brings you daydreams that will help you see your problems as being able to be solved.

The Rough Green Opal Benefits

The Rough Green Opal Benefits

It is a known fact that every gemstone doesn’t automatically suit everyone. The opal does however have many health benefits for the person who wears it.

If anyone is facing a host of problems in their married life, they should try the Opal gemstone as it is known for removing misunderstandings that the person has with their spouse. Opal has a way of coming up with some good solutions for matters related to the heart.

Opal is an interesting gemstone as it is able to bestow both power and beauty to those connected to the fashion or media industry. The one who wears Opal gets love and happiness long-term. It’s not something that is short-lived.

In the past, Opal was also thought to be an effective help in the fighting against diseases of the eyes and it gives healthy and beautiful eyes

When you wear the opal, it protects you from getting lots of minor illnesses. We all know how debilitating colds and flu can be and while the stone isn’t going to stop you from getting these minor illnesses, it can inform you of a cold coming and prepare you for it.

People battling with insomnia because of recurring nightmares might like to wear the opal as it has the means to calm you and prevent you from having bad dreams. 

These opals are beneficial for strengthening memory. The opal stone functions as a prism, bringing light energy to the system, and simply boosts the determination to be alive and to seize the day – carpe diem.

It brings enthusiasm and optimism, and while magnifying any negative traits may prove to be a bit uncomfortable, the stone allows for the person to actually understand how damaging these emotions can actually be. The stone remedies the problem by assisting with the process of letting the negative emotions go. 

Generally, the stone is very useful for preventing bad health, strengthening the immune system, and helping it to be resilient to infection.

The opal is a grounding stone, helping to ground emotional and spiritual energy. The stone assists with unburdening the heart from past traumas. It is able to balance the emotions to bring about equilibrium. It is good for restoring relationships. 

You can use this gemstone to meditate on the truth of a situation and to accurately understand the situation. It makes a perfect gift for someone with whom you want a good relationship.

Green Opal Meaning Of Rough Crystal

Green Opal Meaning Of Rough Crystal

The opal is a grounding stone which means that it assists with grounding emotional and spiritual energy, unburdening the heart from past traumas. It is a stone that is used for emotional recovery, filtering out information to gain clarity in a situation that could be considered confusing.

The name ‘opal’ actually comes from the word ‘Upala’ which means precious stone as well as the Greek word Opallios. This word means a change in color because of the iridescence of the stone.

The ancient Greeks believe the opals mean prophecy while for the Romans they mean hope and purity.

Where Does This Opal Come from?

These stones go way back in history and there are different stories as to where they come from. Aboriginal Australians believe that the beautiful green stone came to them when the creator of all things brought the first message of peace to mankind.

They believed that the creator of nature breathed life into the stones and they’ve been sparkling ever since.

The main sources of this stone are found in Australia and in fact the city of Coober Pedy. In fact, the world’s biggest and most valuable opal, the Olympic Australis, was found in 1956 in Coober Pedy. In that area, large quantities of crystal opal have also been found. 

Andamooka in Australia is also an important producer of crystal opal, matrix opal, and black opal.

Northern Nevada also produces a wide variety of crystals, black, white fire, and lemon opal. Opal also occurs in central Mexico. There are also other locations and it was in 2008 that NASA announced that small opal deposits were found on Mars.

Things To Remember When Buying Green Opal

There’s no doubt that green opals are loved by their admirers. And people around the globe spend tons of money to buy opal that suits them. But there are some things that you should keep in mind when you are buying opal for yourself or your loved ones. Keep reading to learn them.

  • Research properly to learn more about the green opal that you are planning to buy.
  • Always buy from trusted shops even if you have to spend a few bucks more.
  • Bargain! There’s a high chance that you will get some discounts.
  • Never make hasty decisions about buying your opal.
  • Try to avoid buying raw opals as they shrink significantly after the smoothing process.
  • Ask for suggestions from your friends and family who are into opals.

Follow these guidelines when you are planning to buy your favorite opal and you’ll be good to go.

Types Of Green Opal

Swiss green Opal

African Green Opal – the African opal is common in jewelry as well for young and old. The stone takes on different qualities and is known as a stone that emits energy. The fact that it is also known as a stone of progress makes it popular with business professionals who want to start a new chapter of progress and success in their business.

There are actually a number of variations of this stone and one of these is the Tanzanian Green Opal. The African Opal is beautiful and is thought to be easier to mine than other traditional stones. There isn’t an abundance of the stone and because production is low, its value is increased. 

Swiss Opal – Known as Swiss Opal Green, this beautiful and unique natural stone is a dark green shade with a patchy pattern. Rings, earrings, and other jewelry forms are made from this stone. It also has amazing healing properties, providing great emotional strength. It soothes, fights infection, and improves memory. Considered to be opaque, when seen in the light it gives off an amazing luster.

Opal Green Stone – The Green Opal Stone is valued as a gem because of its bright play of colors. It is thought that the name Opal comes from the Greek ‘Opallios’ which means ‘color change’. The opal has different colors because of trace elements that differ from each other, such as iron, nickel, copper, silver, and cobalt. 

Green Sphere Opal – The stone looks like a small planet on earth. The opal sphere is many shades of green but also blue, pink, orange, white, and brownish. These opal stones are made up of alignments of tiny spheres and it is the play of light off of these spheres that give the opal its unique iridescence. 

Green Crystal Opal – The Opal isn’t actually a mineral but is referred to as a mineraloid. A scientifically accepted standard tells us that a mineral has to have a crystal structure, which an opal stone doesn’t have. 

Green Common Opal – The common opal is also known as the moss opal. It is a fireless opal and its colors actually are green but other colors too such as purple, black, brown and white. The Moss opal can actually be a milky white to brownish opal but you’ll find some dark greenish inclusions too. This is what resembles moss. There is even another name for the Moss opal – dendritic opal, and this is because of the tree-like appearance of the inclusions. It is said that the common opal increases wealth and balances yin/yang energies.

Green Apple Opal – The Green Apple opal comes from Madagascar. It is sometimes referred to as Pistachio Opal and comes in shades of green with some brown markings. These natural green apple opals are said to cleanse the heart and also prepare it for new experiences. 

Green Madagascar Opal – This is a mineraloid opal and can be other colors apart from green. The word ‘opalescence’ describes this beautiful stone. With these Madagascar opals, you can expect happiness in your heart as the gemstone harmonizes emotions.

Green Natural Opal – this translucent olive green natural Opal from Tanzania is a rejuvenating stone that promotes good relationships. This opal is able to strengthen the immune system and can also help with colds and flu. It is useful for those who are fasting, helping the person not to focus on the uncomfortable part of fasting. 

Green Raw Opal – The Raw Green Opal meaning it rejuvenates body, mind, and spirit. If you are feeling down in the dumps, this gemstone can motivate you. The stone promotes love and peace and comes in various shades of green. Some opal stones can have fire in them while others have the green accentuated with brown. 

Tanzania Opal – Archeological evidence tells us that opals have been mined in Africa for thousands of years. The Tanzania Opal is also known as Personal and is found at Hannity Hill in central Tanzania. It was in about 1960 that an unusual deposit was found – an opal with vibrant color. It is found close to the surface and is easily mined. Traces of nickel from weathered serpentine are what give the Tanzanian Opal its color.

Prase Opal – The Prase Opal is a startling green variety of Common Opal. Chrysoprase and prase opal are nickel-containing varieties of green and both are used as gem materials. Central Tanzania is a source of both these gems. 

African Green Opal Meaning


The beautiful African Virid Opal has beautiful earthy colors such as black, brown, and fern green shades. This particular opal doesn’t have the color flashes that other opals are known for. It is a stone of rejuvenation and healing and fosters loyalty, love, and faithfulness. 

Are Green Opals A Good Investment?

People often wonder if investing in green opal is a good idea or not. Yes, they are. If you invest in green opals, you want to make sure they are top-quality opals that have minimal flaws. These green opals are of more value. There are different varieties and the value of the opal depends on certain criteria – the color of iridescence, the intensity of the iridescence, its transparency, and green patterns.

When you look at prices online, the prices vary depending on the type of jewelry you want. As there are tons of fake opals in the market, always buy your green opal jewelry from a trusted shop to keep yourself safe from counterfeit green opals.

Are Green Opals And Moonstones The Same?

No, moonstone is a sodium-potassium aluminum silicate and belongs to the feldspar group. Opal is a hydrated amorphous form of silica. Opal comes in a variety of colors but Moonstone hasn’t got as large a color range.

It can be a silvery gray to pale yellow-orange and has a blue or white sheen. Also, Opal is hardened silica, measuring 7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness while Moonstone measures 6 on the Mohs scale. 

Legend has it that Moonstone possesses the qualities of good fortune and intuition while Opal has always been a symbol of hope and purity, while some people believed the wearer could see into the future. 

The Opal Stone Price

Gem experts say that the Opal is a seriously difficult gemstone to put a price to. They say that the stone has so many different parts and characteristics to it – color, pattern, origin, body tone, shape, natural vs treated, and inclusions. The stone also has quite a difficult classification system for valuations. 

There are several factors that contribute to the final price of an Opal. Miners of opal can also over-or under-value their opals when it relates to supply and demand and also to what market they are selling to.

In Australia, for instance, there is a committee that values opal miners’ opals where experienced opal valuers price the opal per carat, and the final value is determined by the average price per carat. It is true that Australia has a reputation as the world’s most expensive opal. Other countries also produce good opals such as Brazil, Ethiopia, and Mexico. 

Those opals with a dark color are the more valuable ones than those that are light. The darker stones display colors more vibrantly. A cartel comes together to agree on a price for a commodity, so no matter where you are, prices for opals are consistent.

Price is also based on supply and demand. The opal industry is made up of small-time miners, and often opal prices are decided on the financial needs of the miner as opposed to values.

People who are involved in the industry have a good idea of what stones are worth and opal stone prices need to be interpreted by the currency of the country where they are sold. 

Conclusion – Green Opals Healing Properties And Value

Green Opals Healing Properties And Value

You can see that green opal is a beautiful, complex gem that is the birthstone of those born in October. It has been a known fact that people around the world admire the Opal for its spiritual and health benefits. The name Opal has several meanings, but it also means ‘precious’, referring to its preciousness.

The stone has brought good luck to so many cultures around the world, not recently, but since 75AD. The gem has had its fair share of criticism but that is because people didn’t understand the stone.

Just wearing the Opal means luck, power, and success, and whether it is your birthstone or not, there is much to be said for this stone of many colors. There are so many varieties and so many colors, and with so much variety, there is always going to be an Opal gem that you fall in love with. 

The opal green is known all over the world and people love wearing opal jewelry whether the stones are found in rings, bracelets, earrings, or pendants. They’re the kind of gemstones that you can wear wherever you go, whether you’re dressing up or down.

When you do research, you find that the opal has an illustrious history, and it is always known as a healing stone. 

When it comes to healing, the opal is a healing stone with a variety of different physical forms, but each version provides the person wearing it with incredible healing. The green opal is worn to rejuvenate you in body and in spirit. The stones ease any pain and trauma and also relieve stress, and in the 21st century we, therefore, all need to wear the opal.

Explore here and know more various interesting things about health and wellness information from our Jewelry archive.

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