Everyone has their own set of annoyances and frustrations that occur at work, but there are some that come up time and time again. If you run a business, you know that employees won’t always be happy, and it is worth knowing what these frustrations are as it will help give you a better idea of how to solve them. If you leave the frustrations to fester, they can easily end up spilling over and having a negative impact on your company.

Here are the main key points

Poor Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance has been discussed more and more in recent years, and particularly with the current pandemic that has left millions of people working from home and appreciating the added time that they find on their hands. There are many ways that you can help with a work/life balance as an employer. You could allow flexible working, or your employees could split their time working from home and in the office. You could offer more vacation days or an earlier finish on certain days of the week. Remember, it is not only your employees’ responsibility to manage their work/life balance.

Difficult Workload Management

Another common employee complaint is the struggle to manage workloads, leading to frustration and added stress. Ultimately, this all comes back to a closer relationship between employees and managers. Staff members should feel comfortable explaining their issues and willing to come forward when they cannot manage their workload. One way to help is to outsource some tasks to a company such as creating your website to a custom web design company. At the other end of the scale, it is sometimes the case that they don’t have enough to do, which can be equally frustrating and damaging to your business as you will not be getting the full potential from your staff.

Dealing with Managers and Co-workers

Poor managers can be majorly disruptive to a business. Some people dread coming to work due to poor managers, while others will find the situation so extreme that they look for another job entirely. Managers should be encouraged to communicate openly and honestly with staff, setting clear goals, and providing encouragement rather than rebukes. While it is easier to manage manager/staff relations, this can prove to be a problem in co-worker situations. You can improve your conflict resolution abilities, which many people find challenging, but is a useful ability to improve.

Inability to Progress

If employees cannot see an exact way that they can grow and advance their career, there is every chance that they will become frustrated in their current β€˜dead-end’ position, which is why you should do everything you can to offer a clear sense of progression. People need to have something to work towards. Otherwise, it is all too easy for them to become disillusioned and want to look for a position in which they can advance.

Dealing with these common employee frustrations and improving your overall business culture can be significantly beneficial to your business, which is why it is worthwhile taking action straight away.

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