Looking for something different to the standard bachelor weekends? Here are four great suggestions of something different you can do.

Bachelor parties in Las Vegas and at gentleman’s clubs have become so overdone that they’re practically cliches. Anyone can book a trip to Sin City, but it takes a real friend to truly plan a personalized and unforgettable bachelor party weekend.

Many men these days aren’t all that comfortable with going to seedy clubs and blowing loads of cash in a single night, anyway. So why not treat the soon-to-be groom to something much more special?

Consider planning a bachelor party that makes it truly about the man of the hour. So continue reading and we’ll go over the top bachelor weekends that you need to know about!

1. For the Mountain Man

If the groom is someone who prefers to spend his time off in the woods, smoking a pipe and chopping down trees, then why not treat him to a worthwhile weekend in the great outdoors. Go backpacking in an area that’s known for its natural beauty, rent a cabin in the woods, or spend time on a farm.

After you and the gang have settled down, feel free to go chop down some trees, grill some meat, or even go hunting for game.

2. For the Adrenaline Lover

Even though you might be happy with a beer and a season of Breaking Bad, your groom’s idea of a fun time might involve something a little more thrilling. Nothing says goodbye to life as a single man like putting your safety on the line.

Consider organizing a rock climbing, bungee jumping, or skydiving weekend. You can also go to a shooting range or ax-throwing center.

And if you want to get even more creative, then why not go driving race cars, hiking volcanos, or scuba diving with sharks? Just make sure that you bring the groom back in one piece.

3. For the Athlete

If your groom is more of the competitive type, then why not have a weekend of exciting manly games? You can spend a few days tossing the pigskin around or even step it up a notch.

Having a competition that can’t as easily be repeated, like skiing in Aspen or surfing in Hawaii is sure to produce plenty of fond memories. Or if he’s into more traditional sports, then try to play on an iconic field.

4. For the Sea Lover

Sure you can always go on a party cruise. But you can also book a fishing charter and up the fun levels. Go fishing in tropical water and see how many you can reel in.

You can then end the trip with a big cookout.

Which of These Bachelor Weekends Will You Try?

There are all different kinds of interesting bachelor weekends that you can have. You can go with the more traditional ideas but those are becoming boring to today’s more sophisticated men. So consider throwing a party that will truly make your groom feel special.

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