Every year, about 35 million Americans receive care from chiropractors.

There are many of those who hurt themselves in common ways. It can include moving or falling the wrong way. Others lift the wrong way, which can throw the spine out of alignment, and when your spine experiences this, the whole body may suffer.

This is the reason why chiropractors are very important. Regular chiropractors help fix patients who have hurt themselves moving around life. Gonstead chiropractors take things a step further.

Continue reading to know more about Gonstead chiropractic vs regular chiropractor.

Degree and Qualifications

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Generally, to become a chiropractor, one needs to obtain a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Then get a license afterward to be able to work as a chiropractor.

But, in order to qualify to use the Gonstead system, a chiropractor must undergo a minimum of five years of full-time Gonstead training. This training is in addition to the four years of undergraduate study and four years of chiropractic college.

They can then take the certification exam after the completion of this extensive training. This is why Gonstead chiropractors are more precise.

The Approach

Gonstead practitioners use a more tailored approach. While regular chiropractors make use of a one-size-fits-all approach, the Gonstead chiropractors consider each patient’s unique spine and nervous system.

The Focus

Gonstead Chiropractic

Gonstead chiropractic is a specific style of chiropractic care. This is focused on the detection and correction of misalignments in the spine.

Gonstead chiropractors use various techniques to realign the spine and gently improve nerve function. On the other hand, chiropractors in Luce Chiropractic and Sports Care also use a variety of techniques to align the spine and relieve pain.

The Use of Nervoscope

You must also know that a typical chiropractor doesn’t use a nervoscope. A Gonstead practitioner examines your spine using a diagnostic tool called a Nervoscope.

The spine is guided by this tool. This tool will look for heat or other visual indications that could suggest pressure or inflammation on the spinal nerves. A Gonstead chiropractor will also feel your back muscles for tightness and swelling during the examination.

Cost of Gonstead Chiropractic vs Regular Chiropractor

There is no definitive answer when it comes to the cost of Gonstead Chiropractic care vs traditional chiropractic care. Many factors can affect the cost. They can be the severity of the problem, the geographic location, and the individual practitioner’s fees.

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That said, Gonstead chiropractic care is generally more expensive than traditional chiropractic care. This is because Gonstead practitioners often have more training and experience. Also, they use more sophisticated equipment.

Are You Now Prepared to Visit a Gonstead Chiropractor?

If you want a noninvasive treatment for your back or neck pain, then a chiropractor is what you need to see. However, you may be confused between Gonstead chiropractic vs regular chiropractor. This is why you need to know the differences between what is a Gonstead chiropractor and a traditional one.

Both Gonstead chiropractors and regular chiropractors are trained to treat back and neck pain. However, you are now aware that Gonstead chiropractors focus on Gonstead adjustment. Also, their approach is more gentle and precise.

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