When people transition to the retirement stage of their life, many different options exist. Some plan to stay where they’ve lived most of their life, while others head south, hoping for warmer weather.

The South Florida area has remained one of the top options for retirees for several decades. Entire communities are built with 55-plus people in mind. One of GL Homes’ most popular communities, Valencia Grand in Boynton Beach, fits the dream scenario for many.

Why do so many people enjoy independent living retirement communities in South Florida? Some know right away what’s best for them, while others want to experience it before investing. Multiple benefits have South Florida filled with retirees.


GL Homes Location

Location matters with a retirement community, as it needs to provide a safe and accessible area for potential buyers. This means providing easy access to shopping, healthcare facilities, and transportation. Most also want a desirable climate with amenities to make the most of the weather.

The Boynton Beach area has long been known for its convenient location in South Florida. It’s far enough away from the busiest parts of the Miami metro area that residents aren’t completely overwhelmed with traffic. However, Boynton Beach has everything anyone could ask for within a short drive or even a bike ride from Valencia Grand.

Housing Variety

Communities should offer a range of housing options to accommodate different lifestyles and preferences. This includes independent living units, apartments, and assisted living facilities. The housing should be designed with the unique needs of seniors in mind, such as accessibility features and low-maintenance design.

Valencia Grand leans toward luxurious living, as the Signature Collection starts at $940,000. Depending on a person’s wants, there are more expensive Vintage and Crown collection housing options. Each home is unique in the community, so residents don’t feel it’s too cookie-cutter.


A 55+ community can’t thrive in today’s world without a range of amenities catering to seniors’ interests and needs. This includes fitness facilities, swimming pools, walking trails, golf courses, community gardens, and social spaces. The community should also have staff dedicated to organizing events and activities encouraging socialization and community engagement.

Amenities have long been a huge selling point for luxury communities like Valencia Grand. The community offers resort-style pools, an MVP Sports Lounge, Performance Fitness Center, a world-class racquet club, and so much more. Residents won’t have a chance to get bored.

Access to Healthcare Services

Quality healthcare services matter when relocating. This includes on-site healthcare services or partnerships with nearby healthcare providers. The community should also have emergency response systems and safety measures in place to ensure the well-being of residents.

The closest central healthcare facility to Valencia Grand is the Bethesda Hospital West. It’s easy to get to and is roughly 4 miles away for top-rated healthcare. GL Homes fell in love with the land for Valencia Grand in large part due to the easy access to medical care for residents.

Maintenance and Housekeeping

Standard maintenance for the community matters, but some residents also want full housekeeping help. This includes lawn care, snow removal, and housekeeping services to help seniors maintain their living spaces. The older residents get, the harder it is to keep up with daily chores.

The management team at Valencia Grand ensures that retirees don’t have to do much to keep the community looking great. The fees associated with the community help cover maintenance. There are also plenty of housekeeping options individual households can look into.



Affordable housing options and amenities that cater to seniors of different income levels always matter. Every community should be transparent about costs and provide a clear breakdown of charges before someone moves in.

GL Homes offer great value at Valencia Grand, but the community becomes one of its more expensive options overall. The average home costs about $1.1 million, but GL Homes has several other Florida communities that fit into different price ranges.

Community Engagement

There should be a sense of community among residents in a 55+ community. This includes opportunities for socializing, volunteering, and participating in community events. The community should also have a resident council or other mechanisms for residents to provide feedback and shape the direction of the community.

As Valencia Grand grows, the infrastructure is there for a strong community. The amenities offered to residents are what people respond to positively in other communities. New residents can follow their passion and find activity friends right away.

Stay-and-Play Program

Moving to a brand new community is intimidating. Even if Valencia Grand seems perfect online, it’s normal for people not to be 100% sold. That’s why GL Homes offers a Try Before You Buy Program.

Interested buyers can stay for three days and two nights for $99. It’s an extended tour with VIP access to experience all the amenities. Valencia Grand is one of three communities from GL Homes that qualify for this opportunity.

What People Say About GL Homes

Early reviews for Valencia Grand have consistently been positive. It’s a high-end community that prides itself on maintaining a particular appearance. Residents love the cleanliness of the community, the number of different amenities serving all types of individuals, and the convenient location.

Say About GL Homes

If there’s any real complaint online in GL Homes reviews, it mostly has to come down to prices. Valencia Grand is one of the more expensive properties under the GL Homes umbrella, but it’s comparable to others in South Florida. The more buyers shop around, the more it becomes apparent that it’s a good deal for the value provided.

Based on past GL Homes ratings, the company stays committed to correcting mistakes and listening to customer feedback to make the customer experience outstanding. Communities can’t thrive unless new residents remain happy with their decision to invest.

Is Valencia Grand Worth it for Florida’s 55+ Buyers?

Any buyers who can afford the price range at Valencia Grand should put it on their shortlist of communities to consider. It offers all the amenities people generally look for when relocating to The Sunshine State. The community aspect ensures that individuals can stay active even at advanced ages.

For more detailed information on Valencia Grand, visit: glhomes.com/valencia-grand. They also cover the details of the stay-and-play opportunity for all qualified buyers.

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