Not everyone can afford the phrase, “new year, new home.” However, that doesn’t mean you can’t work with what you’ve got. There are quick, easy, stylish, and affordable home improvements that will make you feel like you’re in a brand new house.

Sound too good to be true? Well, then, keep reading for a nice surprise. We’ve got a list of 8 stylish home upgrades for a makeover that will make your home look great inside and out.

1. Re-Paint the Little Things

Huge paint jobs like your exterior and full room in the interior can be time consuming and expensive. But you can still find ways to add some new color to your life by re-painting the little things.

Think your front door, a single wall in your living room, your window, shutters, the garage door, etc. Adding a fresh coat of paint to these things will add some nice brightness and make your home look fresh.

You can also consider changing the paint color on these things for a new beginning in 2019. Try a bright color for your door or a complete cool-to-warm switch in your living room to really try something new.

2. Upgrade to Central Air Conditioning

Air conditioning might be the last thing you’re thinking about during these cold winter months, but you’ll thank yourself once the sticky, humid summer hits us. This will make keeping your house cool simple and easy without having to lug out the classic air conditioners you’re used to.

Not only that, but if your new year’s resolution is to be a bit more green, then central air will also help you get there. Central air conditioning is more energy efficient than other cooling options.

While the initial cost of central air is substantial, it will pay off in terms of comfort and your finances. Simply installing this cooling system will increase your home’s value by 10% or more. That’s thousands and thousands of dollars you could get back when you sell your home in the future.

3. Re-Do the Attic

All 90s movies feature a cool, punk teenager who has the entire attic outfitted as a bedroom stocked with electric guitars, band posters, and teen angst.

You don’t have to skew entirely in that direction, but those teens had a great idea with the renovated attic. Instead of storage for old pictures and musty winter clothes, why not outfit the attic into a fun hangout spot, a home gym, a new office, or a guest room?

Take advantage of the space you have and create an awesome new room for you to enjoy.

4. New Year, New Couch

The couch is the center point of the living room. It’s where you watch movies with your family, take afternoon naps, open Christmas presents, gather during family get-togethers, and plop down with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s after a long day at work.

Start your year in comfort with a fresh new sofa. This can instantly transform your entire living room.

Can’t afford an entirely new couch? Try having your current one reupholstered or add a couch cover to give the appearance that you’ve made a big change.

5. Heated Floors

Do you want a home upgrade to make you feel fancy and luxurious without having to shell out thousands of dollars? Heated floors will make you feel like you live in a bougie spa.

Consider putting them in the bathroom so you won’t have to suffer stepping on the sub-zero tiles in the morning. Or, you could have them installed in your bedroom so your feet are always toasty warm.

6. Fix Up Your Landscaping

Winter can wreak havoc on your landscaping: fallen branches, mushy grass, ice cracking your walkways, and dead plants galore.

Fixing your landscaping issues is to a house like a great haircut is for a person. It completely will transform the look and feel of your home from drabby to not-too-shabby.

Start with a tree removal service to get rid of any fallen branches or damaged trees around your home. Then, focus on your walkways and lawn. As the weather gets nicer, start to spruce up the grass and plants.

7. All Natural Additions

Speaking of plants, don’t let the ones outside your home be the only ones in your life! Add potted plants around your home to add a bit of natural greenery to your life. You can also consider a small indoor herb garden for your kitchen. This will up your design and your cooking game all at once.

If you’re worried about remembering to take care of them or water them, there’s no shame in getting fake ones.

8. De-Clutter

Most of these things involve changing or adding things to your home. But don’t underestimate the power of getting rid of things in transforming your home.

Why are you holding onto that table you got in college? What about the armchair that has a permanent impression of your body in it? And that rug with so many stains that you can’t even remember what color it is underneath?

2019 is here, and it’s the year to get rid of all of that stuff. De-cluttering and getting rid of old, raggedy items (and ones you don’t like anymore!) will change the look of your home.

It will also open up space for you to fill your home with new things you like!

Your Home Has New Year’s Resolutions, Too: Try These Home Improvements in 2019

Any of these home improvements can make your home feel shiny and new as the new year.

Once you’ve made over your house, you might be ready for a makeover yourself. Check out this article for tips on how to revamp your wardrobe.

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