Diamond engagement rings are a $5 billion industry in the US alone. Dating back to the second century B.C., engagement rings symbolized ownership of the bride. Diamonds were popularized for the rings in the 1400s when they were introduced by European nobility. 

Of course, now it’s the bride who takes ownership of the engagement ring. Women pore over options, sending hints to potential suitors and nonchalantly sidling into jewelry shops at the mall.

Are you headed toward an engagement yourself? Congratulations! Here are this year’s top engagement ring trends.


Today’s young brides want something unique. New trends in engagement rings capitalize on the element of surprise. Bands, edges, and cuts get the special treatment.

A single band splits into two as it loops around with a diamond nestled in the void. A knife edge makes for a point of difference.

Diamonds set in unusual ways are trendy. An east-west setting turns an elongated cut on its side, lengthening its appeal.

There’s more room than ever for the avant-garde. A band mimicking the shape of an atom makes a one of a kind statement. With the illusion of diamonds swirling around your finger, it’s quirky opulence.

Metal Mixup 

The same way mixed metals are showing up in home finishes, they’re finding a place in the world of wedding rings. Where you might mix a brass light fixture with nickel drawer pulls in the kitchen, you’ll find white and yellow golds encircling the same ring.

It’s a casual approach with a refined result.

This trend is partly due to the fact that white gold’s solitary reign is over. A yellow band is elegant again.

Diamonds set in white metal against a yellow band stand out. It’s like using bold text or outlining a drawing. It places emphasis on the stone.

Interlocking bands in different finishes are another way to mix up the metals. Platinum and rose gold are a fine pair. Gilded bands in white and yellow stack up for a nice contrast.

You’ll even see complementary settings in alternating metals. A round of diamonds set in platinum follows a round set in yellow gold.


Embracing history goes in and out of the zeitgeist, but it’s always worth honoring your family’s past. Trendy engagement rings call back to the sentiments of time.

Passing down a grandmother’s ring with its patina and filigree makes for a hopeful start to an eternal union. Antique rings have a delicate beauty that’s hard to replicate truthfully with machines.

Engraved bands and ornamental bezel work are a nod to the handcrafted nature of vintage jewelry. Clusters of small diamonds or even rhinestones maximize the sparkle factor.

Color Pop

The newest engagement ring styles are youthful and fun. Color figures prominently in an arena that was once populated with lots of silver and translucence.

Diamond is still front and center, but other gemstones are becoming more popular as statement stones. Sapphire, ruby, and emerald are classics.

Owing largely to the royal influence, morganite is also gaining traction on the ring finger. After she received a morganite ring from an Australian jewelry designer, Meghan Markle caused a sensation by posting it on Instagram. 

With its subtle rosy pink glow, morganite is an apropos wedding jewel. Raw or polished, it evokes the sweetness of love.

More Diamonds, Please

If you could fit more diamonds on an engagement ring, why wouldn’t you?

Pavé diamonds roll out across every available side of the wedding band. Top, bottom, and side to side, the band is paved in diamonds.

Twisted bands provide more real estate for sparkle. More and more rounds of pavé surround the center stone. It’s a ripple effect of diamonds.

There’s also room for small clumps of diamonds nestled next to the center stone. And why not add a row of tiny diamonds along the shank of a raised setting? More is more is more.

Shifting Shapes

The ring element most affected by fads is the shape of the center stone. Square princess cuts have outrun their domination. The latest engagement rings trend toward more traditional cuts.

Pear Cut

Pear cut stones are shaped like pears or teardrops with a rounded bottom that tapers to a point at the top. With 71 facets and plenty of surface space, this cut maximizes the diamond’s carats.

It’s a historic cut from the 1400s with a special focus on symmetry. Social media influencers like Emily Ratajkowski are making the pear cut popular again. 

Round Cut

The round cut stone makes the most of a diamond’s brilliance. It sparkles from every angle.

Since the 1700s, jewelers have been perfecting their own nuanced version of the round cut. Gisele, Scarlett Johansson, and Jennifer Hudson have all opted for engagement rings with rounded center stones.

Cushion Cut

The cushion cut is a rectangular option with rounded corners, much like a pillow or cushion. It makes the most of the raw material and produces the least amount of waste when cut.

Meghan Markle’s engagement ring featured a cushion cut center stone with round accents set in white metal with a yellow gold band. Hers has informed nearly every trend for 2019. 

Emerald Cut

Emerald cut diamonds are diamonds cut like emeralds. Because emeralds are difficult to cut without chipping, they have fewer facets and a broader surface.

The elongated rectangle with trimmed corners makes a big show of a stone’s clarity. It’s the kind of cut you’d affectionately refer to as “a rock.” As in, “look at the rock on her finger.”

It’s the cut of choice for women like Beyonce, Amal Clooney, and Kim Kardashian.

Half Moon Cut

The half moon cut has long been prized for its use as a side stone. With one straight edge, it stacks nicely.

It also makes for an unusual center stone, oriented every which way. It’s a nod to the modern willingness to experiment.

Engagement ring trends for 2019 are a perfect blend of tradition and experimentation. Classic cuts find new life with mixed metals and rare colors. Diamonds are packed in like sardines, side to side and edge to edge. 

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