Did you know that the longest case of hiccups lasted 68 years?

While most people are lucky enough to only suffer from hiccups for short periods of time, everyone would rather avoid them altogether. From eating spicy food to drinking carbonated beverages and feeling anxious, there are many causes of hiccups that can catch you off guard.

The good news is that getting rid of hiccups is easy for most of us. Keep reading so you can learn the top tricks to try the next time you get a hiccup attack.

Try Holding Your Breath

Holding Your Breath

The most common hiccup treatment is holding your breath since you don’t need to do anything special to try this technique. Take a big gulp of air and hold your breath for as long as possible without getting dizzy.

Blocking airflow can force your diaphragm to relax and stop hiccups. You can also try breathing into a paper bag if holding your breath is too uncomfortable.

Suck on a Lollipop

When it comes to hiccup removal, one of the most unique remedies is sucking on a sweet lollipop. Sugar can soothe the nerves that trigger hiccups.

You should learn about this product that’s designed to cure hiccups. Hiccups may not be a fun condition, but the remedy can be a nice treat.

Hug Your Knees

Hug Your Knees

No matter which types of hiccups you’re suffering from, hugging your knees to your chest can work wonders for you. This compression can calm down your diaphragm and prevent more muscle spasms.

You can do this while sitting on the couch or lying down in bed.

Take Small Sips of Water

If our bodies are too busy swallowing, then they aren’t able to gasp for air during a hiccup. This is why lots of people swear by taking tiny sips of water as soon as they get the hiccups.

Make sure that you’re careful not to choke while you take so many sips in a row. If this method doesn’t work, then you can try gargling your drink.

Use Tricks to Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve

Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve

Since our bodies are packed with nerves that connect everything, you’d be surprised by how many things you can stimulate to stop your hiccups.

Some useful tricks include pulling on your tongue, massaging your eyes, pressing the entrance of your ears, and massaging your carotid artery on both sides of your neck. As strange as it sounds, don’t knock these methods until you try them!

Getting Rid of Hiccups Is a Breeze

There’s nothing more annoying than chowing down on your favorite food or relaxing with a cold beer and then developing a case of the hiccups. If you use any of these strategies for getting rid of hiccups, you can enjoy your peace and quiet in no time.

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