Being cold is a drag.

But being cold inside your own home is more than a drag. It’s a nightmare. And you don’t have to accept it.

If you’re ready to bring some heat into those cold spaces, then it’s time to get a space heater.

But what are the best space heaters available today?

The Best Space Heaters to Fit Every Need 

No space heater is one-size-fits-all. So the best space heater for you will depend largely on your needs.

And, of course, a space heater alone may not be able to do the job. So if you’re having a chronic problem with cold in your home, call on the experts at Edwin Stipe Inc. to take a look at your overall heating system.

If you know that a space heater is all you need though, we’ll take a look at the top picks here.

1. For Heating Small Rooms

There’s no sense in spending a lot of money on a bigger space heater if you only need it for a small space.

Lasko 6435

This little ceramic fan-forced heater looks like a vase and is great for spot heating. So whether you’re working at your desk or relaxing on the sofa eating a sandwich, it’s quite effective. And it oscillates, to widen the spot it heats.

Another big plus? This is one of the few models small enough to sit safely on a windowsill or desk. It also offers overheat protection, shutting off if it gets too hot.

2. For Heating Large Rooms

There are two that have a high standing in this category:

DeLonghi TRD40615T

This space heater is a full room radiant heater. It looks and works like a radiator–radiating heat even after it’s no longer on. But rather than using water, most radiant space heaters use oil, including this one. And the sides of the unit are not hot to the touch.

This unit is also one of the most energy efficient. Though it doesn’t have a trip sensor, it does have a timer function that allows you to keep the heater running for a bit, even after you’ve fallen asleep. There is no remote control.

Honeywell HZ-980

The Honeywell works with infrared technology and though not as efficient as the DeLonghi, is does heat up big spaces in a very short time. This quiet heater also comes with a lot of safety features, including a 4-way trip sensor and overheating protector shut off. There’s also a remote control, so you can snuggle under a blanket and turn it on and off from across the room.

3. For Saving Money

It’s definitely not cheap to heat a space. If you’re on a tight budget, you want to make the wise choice.

Delonghi Capsule

Like the Lasko 6435 above, the Capsule is a ceramic fan-forced unit that’s compact, yet powerful. It also has a handle. So if you can only buy one space heater and will need to move it from room to room, the Capsule makes this easy.

This space heater has both overheat protection and automatic shutoff if tipped over. And its low price makes it one of the best values on the market.

Stop Stepping Into the Cold!

We hope this guide on the best space heaters lands you the perfect heater for your needs.

And for more articles on all things technological, keep checking back with our technology blog.

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