Medical marijuana is legal in 33 states and recreational use is legal in 10. And with legalization becoming more common, interest in the benefits of cannabis products is on the rise.

There’s more to cannabis than straight marijuana. When you’re not eligible for a medical marijuana card, using a CBD concentrate can give you some of the same benefits.

But if you’ve never tried CBD oil, you probably don’t know where to start. Here are a few things you need to know before using CBD products for the first time.

A CBD Concentrate Won’t Get You High

When you think of cannabis, you probably think of getting high. That feeling is the product of a natural chemical compound called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. And though CBDs naturally occur in all cannabis plants, they don’t provide a psychoactive effect.

How? CBD products contain absolutely no THC. And without the THC, all you’re left with is the health benefits. You won’t have to worry about munchies, giggle-fits, or getting high at all.

CBD Doesn’t Show Up on Drug Tests

If you’ve been putting off trying CBD oil because you’re actively looking for a job, don’t worry. Using CBD products won’t cause you to test positive for marijuana on a pre-employment drug test.

This is because drug tests look for the presence of THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana. They don’t screen for CBD.

And since CBD products contain no THC, you won’t test positive even if you use them every day.

It’s Legal…When Made from Hemp

Marijuana is still illegal in most of the country. Since CBD is technically a part of the marijuana plant, it seems like it would be illegal. And it can be if the CBD comes from marijuana and not hemp.

In states where medical and recreational marijuana use is legal, CBD products can come from THC-heavy plants. The manufacturer isolates the CBD, so the product still won’t get you high.

But since it’s made from marijuana and not hemp, it’s technically illegal in most of the country.

When you buy CBD products, always make sure you know what the CBD comes from. Manufacturers have to list whether the products come from hemp or marijuana plants on the label.

But as a general rule, if you buy the products in a health food store or online, chances are it’s derived from hemp. If you’re on vacation to a recreational marijuana state and you buy CBD at a dispensary, there’s a good chance it’s made from marijuana.

Is There a Difference in Quality?

Believe it or not, the compound is the same in both hemp and marijuana plants. You’ll see the same benefits from hemp-made CBD concentrates as you would from marijuana-derived products.

The only difference is legality. Keep in mind that if you have a medical marijuana card, it’s legal for you to have CBD products made from marijuana. But you’re only allowed to have them in your state.

Crossing state lines, even with medical marijuana products, is highly illegal.

Always Look for High-Quality Products

Quality matters and when you’re buying tinctures and concentrates online, you might not know what you’re getting. Unfortunately, large online marketplaces don’t always source high-quality materials.

Instead of picking a product based on price alone, look at what you’re getting. The best CBD manufacturers use hemp produced in the States. This is because the United States has strict standards for growing hemp.

You’ll also want to look for broad-spectrum products. These contain more of the beneficial (and non-psychoactive) components of the cannabis plant.

Start with the Lowest Dose

When you’re first starting with pure CBD oil, it’s tempting to take as much as you can. But doing so isn’t the best idea.

In fact, it’s always best to start with smaller doses and work your way up. Look at the label and suggested dosing information for your products.

Start there and try the dosage for a few days. If you feel it’s not enough or you’re not seeing any benefits, increase the dosage a little.

Finding the right dose can take time. Be patient and experiment. If the products you try initially don’t work, try products from a different manufacturer.

It Might Take Time to See the Benefit

Some people respond to CBD right away. Others only see the benefit after using it for a while.

Every person is different. And the CBD might impact you in ways you didn’t expect or know were possible. Just be patient and make note of the changes you see and how they correlate with your dosage.

Looking for more information on the benefits you might see? Read more now.

You Can Try It Different Ways

The most common form of CBD concentrate is pure CBD oil. You can use the oil topically, mixing it in lotions and salves. Or you can use it internally by adding a few drops to your tea, coffee, water, or taking it directly under the tongue.

But that’s not the only way you use and take CBD. In fact, there are dozens if not hundreds of other ways to get the benefits you’re looking for.

If you like vaping, consider using a CBD vape cartridge or solution. Satisfy your sweet tooth with CBD-infused candies and edibles, or buy CBD coffee and tea.

It’s all a matter of personal preference, but there will definitely be a product for you.

Final Thoughts

Using a CBD concentrate is a great way to experience many of the same benefits of marijuana without the psychoactive high. But it all comes down to finding the right product for your needs.

Do your research and always choose a quality CBD product.

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