As a student, you may be required to write an essay and of course, when selecting your essay topic, a good idea is to always identify a topic that interests you in the particular field you are writing in.

The best writing services

Choose from more than a million essay topics

Many overworked students resort to a professional writing service to get better marks and to ensure their essay is handed in within the deadline. StudentShare is one of these writing sites.

They bring English speaking students from around the world together to put their knowledge and their papers on the platform. They have more than 1 000 000 of these essays.

It is 100% legal to use these essays as an example of work. Essentially the platform works by having students create an account so as to upload and download papers.

If you as a student have written an essay that you want to contribute to the database, once it has been approved, you get aย  bonus that is made up of daily free subscription to all papers on the site. The student will also be free to choose from a generous list of free essays online that can be downloaded.

Free essay samples

Go through the list of free essay samples that are free to download. There are also different subscription plans which allow you access without contribution.

The essay topics have all been divided into categories to make choosing easy. In fact, the essays span more than 40 subjects and every topic possible.

Essays from Scratch

StudentShare has a team of professional writers. They will write an essay from scratch for you. If you have already written your own essay, they can edit and format it to improve on it.

Also, if you have any kind of questions you want answered, you can post your question and other students will respond to you. There is also their โ€˜blogโ€™ service where the writing site answers questions and provides useful tips on writing assignment papers.

Every paper that you order from the Student Share Writing Service is unique. Use the homepage and type your essay topic into the search field before going through the list.

As already mentioned, there are free essays and there is also the subscription service for downloading options.

Everything about StudentShare is confidential. In fact, all the actions you perform on the website are anonymous. The site has a Private Policy which means they canโ€™t disclose any of your personal information.

You get the marks you require

The biggest challenge in writing an essay for high school, college or university students is battling to write an essay in English when it is not their first language. It can also be tricky choosing a topic.

If youโ€™re out of ideas, StudentShare is guaranteed to get you sorted so that you can hand your professionally written essay in on time and get the marks you require.

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