A few months more before summer knocks in, and many individuals are starting to think about grilling outdoors. This activity not only lets you exercise but also provides a healthy way to cook your favorite dishes.

Whether you’re a backyard grill master or a first-timer running the hot coals, finding the correct grill can be a colossal task. Beyond the price and material type, it still depends on the fuel types.

If you’re having trouble deciding which one to purchase, take a few minutes to consider the gas vs pellet grill differences below.

Let’s get started!

Heat Control and Ease of Use


A gas grill relies on the flame produced by the ignition of compressed gas to provide the heat needed for cooking with direct or indirect heat. Adjusting the heat can be tricky, as it is difficult to control and respond to its heat precisely.

On the other hand, pellet grills are fueled by wood chips that are automatically fed into the grill by an auger, providing a more consistent and controllable heat. Also, they are equipped with digital readouts that allow you to monitor and adjust the temperature with the simple push of a button.

This convenience makes pellet grills much easier to use than gas grills.

Cost of Gas vs Pellet Grill

Gas grills are typically cheaper to buy upfront and are more portable. However, propane can be expensive and may require refilling. On the flip side, pellet grills are more expensive and require more pellets, which can be costly.

Ultimately, the cost of either depends on the size and cost of the grill as well as the cost of fuel. you may visit Bbqoutfitters.com to help you decide to make the right choice.

Cooking Styles and Range of Delicious Meals

New Technologies for Your Barbecue Grill

Gas grill meals come quickly since the heat is fast and even, making it great for quick things such as hamburgers, hot dogs, and fish fillets. Meanwhile, pellet grills provide even more control and delicate temperature settings perfect for low-and-slow cooking, such as:

  • Smoking pork shoulder
  • Ribs
  • Briskets
  • Pizzas

Additionally, using gas is a more popular method where food is placed directly over the flame. When using a pellet grill, however, you can use a technique called “smoke roasting,” which uses a combination of smoke and low temperature to slowly cook the food for tenderness, flavor, and better moisture retention.

Maintenance and Care

Pellet grills require little to no maintenance because the pellets are burned to create heat, which also keeps the internal components clean. However, they may require occasional cleaning of the outer casing and tray, which makes them sometimes more expensive.

Pellet Grill

Furthermore, gas broilers require more frequent attention, as the internal components will require regular cleaning, and parts may need replacing over time. Ultimately, the decision between these two will come down to personal preference and the associated care required.

The Basic Pellet and Gas Grill Guide

Overall, gas vs pellet grill differs in cost, temperature control, ease of use, and fuel type. For those looking for the convenience of gas but with the control of a charcoal or wood fire, a pellet grill is an ideal choice.

Why not take the leap and try a pellet grill today?

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