U.S House District 25 candidates Democrat Joe Garcia and Republican David Rivera launched negative TV ads this week while calls from The Florida Independent to discuss their plans to generate jobs in Florida go unanswered.

Garcia’s ad attacks Rivera for his 2002 crash with a mail truck on the Palmetto Expressway:

David Rivera went on TV with two ads, one of which calls Democratic opponent Joe Garcia “one of them”:

And the jobs issue?

Garcia’s website has a 25-point job plan that includes expanding the Port of Miami, creating small business tax cuts, extending the 2001 tax cuts for the middle class and passing the Colombia Free Trade Agreement.

The AFL-CIO told The Florida Independent this week that they do not support Garcia’s position on the Colombia Free Trade Agreement; calls to get Garcia’s response to these comments have gone unanswered.

“The biggest problem our economy is facing is that business owners, especially small business owners are nervous, and reluctant to start hiring again,” says Rivera’s site. ”The federal government needs to stop spending more money, and start incentivizing the growth of businesses to encourage lasting job creation.”

Rivera “believes that it is in the best interest of our economy to extend the [Bush] tax cuts for all Americans.”

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