Democrat Joe Garcia and Republican David Rivera — who is running to represent U.S House District 25 — both support the Colombia Free Trade Agreement, modeled on prior free trade agreements.

Rich Templin, communications director for the Florida AFL-CIO, told The Florida Independent on Tuesday that while his organization vigorously supports Garcia’s campaign, it does not support his position on the Colombia Free Trade Agreement. Garcia’s campaign declined to respond to Templin’s comments, until today, when Garcia’s communications director Giancarlo Sopo sent us this written statement:

We are proud to have the support of local workers. Joe will be a leader in Congress who will lead by his principles and do what he believes is right for the families of Southern Florida. Joe strongly supports the Colombia Free Trade Agreement because it will cut red tape on local small businesses and create thousands of good jobs right here at home. The people of Southern Florida will always know where Joe stands on the issues that affect them.

In his initial comments, Templin called the Colombia Free Trade Agreement “despicable.” “We hope once [Garcia] understands what is happening in Colombia, where U.S. dollars are supporting the killing of union leaders, he will change his position,” Templin said.

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