Did you know that there are roughly 5,000,000 video games in existence today? With gaming constantly evolving, there’re hundreds released a year, from small indie titles to the biggest AAA blockbusters. One of the more recent additions to the world of gaming is game services.

If you’re interested in a game streaming service, we’re here to help. Read on for three things you should know about games as a service in 2022.

1. Competition is Rising

Competition is Rising

For quite a while, a game service was mostly a novelty. Companies like Xbox brought in “Games for Gold” more than a decade ago which gave gold subscribers to Xbox Live free games. These games would rotate, and Playstation soon followed suit on the game streaming service.

The only issue is that these games were typically dated or unpopular, making them easy to give away for free. Nowadays, Xbox’s game pass includes some of the most popular titles, often even making them available at launch. Playstation flaunts backward compatibility, bringing back classic games that are otherwise difficult to find.

Valve’s Steam platform allows players to share games with friends. Nintendo has also begun bringing in some games with a subscription to their services. As competition rises, each pass gets more and more interesting!

2. Mobile is In!

Mobile is In

One big issue with many of these services is that they focus on PC or consoles. Because of this, mobile gamers or those that use their smartphones can feel left out.

However, that’s quickly changing. Apple, Google, and Android all offer a “game as a service” subscription through their app stores. This helps to bring some classics back, such as the Apple Arcade, which includes classic mobile games and even titles like Oregon Trail.

Other titles like GameMine bring a highly-competitive game streaming service to the mobile market. A single subscription to GameMine gives gamers roughly 1,400 games ad-free. The platform is continuing to evolve and add games, making it a great choice now and one that’ll only improve as time goes on.

3. Constantly Evolving

Constantly Evolving

Speaking of improving as time goes on, one of the greatest perks of game services is how much they’re evolving. The competition these services are under has already massively altered the world of gaming.

For example, console exclusives were one of the most divisive things in gaming for decades. The Xbox vs. Playstation vs. Nintendo war was heavily brought about by some games only being available on a specific platform. It also left some PC players high and dry, as they had to purchase consoles to play some of the most popular games.

As time has gone on, though, game services have helped to undo this. Microsoft has brought many Xbox exclusives to PC, and Playstation is in the process of following suit. Doing so gives the companies more places to compete while making it so that players can get their hands on any game regardless of platform.

Choosing Game Services

Game services are a staple of the gaming world now. Whether you’re looking to hop into GameMine for a massive library of mobile games or enjoy your favorite video game streaming services on your PC, there’s something there for you.

For more information on games as a service, feel free to browse our website to learn more.

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