Whether it’s because of changes to the economy or their priorities, millennials aren’t interested in gambling the way older people are.

However, slot machine companies are responding with several gambling machine designs made just for millennials. These machines change the way that gaming is done to engage a younger audience.

If you want to learn more about the way that casino designs are changing millennial engagement, check out these four concepts.

1. It’s About More Than Slots

You can have the best games in the world but the wrong ambiance is going to make a huge difference when you’re designing your casino or space.

Gambling machines need to be oriented in a space that makes them more enticing to sit down and play at for a while. If casinos want to design for millennials, they need to think about slot machines and the space they’re in.

The experience that people are looking for is one that spawns a lot of energy and interaction. With so much of millennial life taking place online, removed from others, creating a communal or social space with a casino makes a difference. At each game, people want to be able to interact with one another and talk to friends they’ve arrived with.

Many people go to casinos as a way to get away, so think about what people want from their vacations.

Design styles should be easy to navigate and have different zones. See what can be done with furniture, couches, and other elements to make each space feel somewhat contained. When people, even strangers, are playing together in a closely defined space, they get the chance to interact more.

Looking at all kinds of business models and retail spaces, you’ll find that ever element encourages people to stick around longer. Social interaction means that people moving around the space offers its own kind of entertainment value. If you want to be sincere and authentic, make the experience seem natural and backed into the vibe of being in your space around your machines.

2. Use Technological Innovation

Digital technologies, including smartphones, mobile devices, and wearables, give new life to the way that casinos do business.

If you’re not leveraging the technological innovations of recent years, you’re missing a chance to create a more integrated experience. When your visitors have the chance to connect to their own devices, it makes gambling even easier.

When you don’t use systems that connect machines to customer devices, you miss out on a lot of data that you could be using to communicate with customers. That information could be used to help you get people to gamble more, reward repeat visitors, and to engage people as they walk by. The more ways that you engage your customers, the more loyalty you build.

Games are starting to promote multiplayer, interactive, and even collaborative experiences. By going wireless or using a shared connection, teams of players can be created. Players can arrive as a group of friends and win big together or compete directly.

The current layout of casinos is having unskilled and random games. This kind of low involvement activity is no different than scrolling through Instagram. You need to give your visitors an incentive to pay for that kind of experience and technology can help you.

3. More Skill-Based Games

When contemporary casino visitors want to get the most out of their experience, they don’t want to play boring and random slots. What’s the fun in that? Our smartphones have the capability of downloading thousands of games that are more fun and don’t cost money.

If you’re going to share the appeal of playing slot machines or gambling machines with millennials, you need to give them something skill-based. In gambling markets across the world, companies and casinos are trying to see what they can get out of machines like this.

Many places around the U.S. are allowing arcade-style gambling machines. They determine their payout based on a player’s ability, on top of the elements of chance. Alongside traditional poker machines, these machines are much harder to resist playing.

By merging the best concepts from video games, that of memory and mastery, gambling machine companies are tapping into playability. By rewarding repeat plays, even by just building skills and the ability to predict what to do as a player, you’ll earn more loyalty. Millennials are sure to clock in millions of hours of playing with machines like this over non-skill-based machines.

4. Use Social Media and Influencers

With just about every living millennial on social media in some way, there are now more ways than ever to give back to your players. Rather than having them put their money in and then walking away, you can create something experiential. When millennials have the ability to take selfies with machines or post status updates from a machine, it’s more integrated into their lives.

Influencers and celebrity endorsements resound loudly for millennials. If you can get them to use your tools or speak positively about them, you’ll get more clicks, likes, and shares. If there’s one thing that social media feedback gets you, it’s more social media feedback.

Once you get the ball rolling, it’s sure to grow larger and larger. Your video slots might even start to attract lines.

You’ll find millennials will love the new concepts in gaming but you’ll also attract people of all ages. Once you get a generation of trendsetters on board, you’ll build your following more and more. Make the experience sharable whenever possible.

Every Gambling Machine Should Be Future Proof

When you’re trying to get the most out of every gambling machine at your casino, you need to update them to work for millennials. If you want to ensure that you’re ahead of trends, you need to look toward what millennials are priotizing and go from there.

If you want to reach a new audience, follow our latest guide for digital marketing trends.

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