An emergency session of the Florida Parole Commission Wednesday resulted in the conditional medical release of 27-year-old Betsie Gallardo, reports Bil Browning at Bilerico.

Gallardo was arrested in 2009 and found guilty of assaulting a police officer. She was sentenced to five years in prison. The charges were brought because Gallardo is HIV-positive, and depending on which source you turn to, either bit an officer or spit at the officer.

But in 2010, shortly after beginning her stay in the Florida prison system, she was diagnosed with stage-four gall bladder cancer. That cancer spread to her intestines, causing a massive tumor which blocked her intestines and made eating or drinking impossible. Gallardo’s mother Jessica Bussert drove to Indiana to be with her dying daughter, and found that prison medical officials had declined to administer intravenous nutrition.

On Christmas Eve, several Florida lawmakers wrote a letter to the Parole Commission seeking Gallardo’s release.

After Bussert went public, the prison system transfered Gallardo to a hospital in Miami. She was put on I.V. nutrition and has gained eight pounds, reports Bussert.

On Tuesday evening, Bussert attended the inaugural ball of incoming Gov. Rick Scott. She pleaded her daughter’s case to the new governor.

The vote to release Gallardo was two to one. As a result, she will be released to the Miami Hospice and will be under house arrest. She will be allowed to leave the facility only to attend church and to go to medical appointments.

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