Experts say 40 percent of the tech and gadget consumers are women. Which debunks the myth that only boys love toys.

Gadgets for girls are popping up everywhere, and we’re delighted. As the need for gadgets grows, so do the options. There are countless awesome gadgets every woman needs right now.

Awesome Gadgets for Girls

Women aren’t content to stick with dark age technology anymore. Give them more of what they want: cool gadgets that make life easy.

1. For the Avid Reader

It’s a truth universally known that most women love a good book. But unless you have ample space, collecting physical copies can only go so far.

That’s why a Kindle Paperwhite is the gadget for any book lover. Especially if the book lover is also an avid traveler. The Paperwhite is waterproof; perfect for days by the pool. And the back light isn’t harsh on the eyes.

2. Bluetooth Mirror

Why would you need a mirror with Bluetooth? Well, why not?

The Impressions Vanity has an LED light that sheds light on any facial situation. And the Bluetooth feather makes it possible to listen to music while you apply makeup.

3. Cordless Vacuum

Nothing makes chores easier than time-saving cleaning gadgets.

Why not buy a cordless vacuum? No more tangled cords or moving cords around furniture. But, finding the best cordless vacuum can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Though, reading some reviews can make the process a little more simple.

4. Wireless Earbuds

Likely, everyone got wireless earbuds for Christmas but mom. Why not surprise her with some?

Wireless earbuds are the perfect electronic for women. They’re sleek, and the wires and don’t get tangled in hair and clothing. They also fit perfectly in purses and pockets.

5. Power Bank

Rushing around to get to business meetings can leave your phone forgotten. Only when you need your phone the most do you find it’s running low, with no charger in sight.

That’s why the Mi 10000mAH Power Bank is exactly what you need. It’s lightweight, and easy to hide away. The battery life on it is quite long, and it protects against over-charging.

6. Smart Jewelry

Women may love cool gadget, but they also like stylish technology.

All over the market there are all kinds of stylish options for women. Necklaces that act as a health tracker, bracelets that count steps. You name it, there’s jewelry that doubles as a gadget.

With these awesome gifts, any woman can disguise her health tracker as an accessory.

Along with this, watches are a great gift or investment as well. Now that the market has really opened up, hybrids are a big deal. Mix the modern tech of a smart watch with the classic analog face.

More Gadget Ideas

Finding gadgets for girls doesn’t have to be that hard. Women aren’t aliens with different likes than men, they like the same things. Everyone only wants cool gadgets to help make everyday things a little more fun.

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