Research found 83% of US employees suffer from work-related stress.

This staggering statistic proves many of us experience stress which can be disastrous for our mental and physical health. Throw in a global pandemic and it’s no wonder we’re desperate to find effective tools for stress relief.

Sound familiar? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here are nine fantastic gadgets to help you de-stress.

Why Stress Is So Dangerous?

When we’re in stressful situations, it can drastically affect our bodies. For instance, many people unconsciously grind their teeth when they’re stressed which can wear down their teeth and result in long-term jaw damage.

Stress also impacts your heart. When you’re under pressure, your body becomes flooded with cortisol, a stress hormone, that increases your heart rate and constricts your blood vessels.

As a result, your heart goes into overdrive which also increases your blood pressure. Further, stress has been linked to chronic illnesses like cancer, lung disease, and can even lead people to harm themselves.

It’s crucial that we take measures to eliminate stress and an effective way to do this is by using stress relief gadgets.

The Top Tools for Stress Relief

Regardless of your budget, there are many gadgets to help you eliminate stress from your life. Browse the following tools to find one that aligns with you and you’ll notice the benefits.

Consider these, for example:

1. Sona Smart Band

One of the best gadgets for stress relief is Sona. This wearable technology comes with five Resonance breathing meditation sessions so you can re-focus and return to calm, the perfect response to small bouts of stress.

The Sona bracelet also monitors your heart rate and physical activity, so it has an accurate reading of your stress levels. If you’re interested, this useful gadget comes in gold, rose gold, and gunmetal.

2. Electric Massage Chair

When it comes to stress relief gadgets, you can’t beat the classic electric massage chair. It’s important to take time out of the workday to decompress with a massage as it’s deeply satisfying.

Massage chairs boost your endorphin and serotonin levels so you can wind down and eliminate stress.

3. Thync

Thync is one of the top stress busters because it uses an electronic pulse to stimulate your brain. As a result, you’ll experience a heightened mood and less stress.

Sounds too good to be true? In fact, Thync was developed by a team of neuroscientists from MIT, Harvard, and Standford and has been clinically tested 5,000 times so the product is legit.

4. The Muse Headband

If you’re looking for one of the best stress-busters, consider the Muse headband. Many of us find meditating tricky as it feels impossible to stay focused on our thoughts and breathing.

The Muse headband tackles this. Thanks to its brain-sensing technology, Muse measures whether your mind is calm or overly active. If it senses you’re stressed, the headband generates guiding sounds to help you stay focus and have a successful meditation session.

5. Headspace App

One of the best tools for stress relief is the Headspace app. This is a fantastic introduction to meditation, and it offers a free 10-day program so you can get started.

Those hoping to further their meditation journey can pay for a monthly subscription where you learn how to introduce mindfulness into every aspect of your life.

There are similar apps too. For instance, Calm is another meditation training app that immerses the listener with relaxing nature sounds and music. Plus, there are plenty of guided meditations too.

6. Stress Ball

Stress balls, like Japanese stress balls, are filled with a malleable gel that fits into the palm of your hand. When you squeeze them, it releases tension and eliminates stress.

They also boost blood circulation and help if you suffer from the carpal-tunnel syndrome or arthritis. Most stress balls can fit in your bag but it’s possible to get a giant stress ball that’s filled with thousands of tiny gel beads.

7. The Pip

Fun fact: the pores on your fingertips are sensitive to stress.

Tech innovators used this to design ‘The Pip’ which reads these signals and turns them into a visualization so you can monitor your stress levels. Its compact design makes it perfect for the workplace especially because it’s so easy to use.

8. Spire

One simple way to check your stress levels is monitoring your breathing. Spire, a tech-smart tracker, continuously analyzes your breath to see what makes you stressed.

Plus, it encourages you to use breathwork so you can reduce the levels of stress and get a good night’s sleep. All you have to do is clip it to your belt and it’ll do the rest.

A similar gadget is Prana. It also clips onto your belt and monitors your breath, but it has an additional feature: it improves your posture.

This gadget relaxes you by encouraging deep, diaphragmatic breathing and good posture so you stay stress-free and productive. Perfect if you work at a desk!

9. Fidget Cube

The Fidget Cube is a handy puzzle toy that keeps you pre-occupied. There are six sides that give you something to fidget with whether it’s clicking a button or fiddling with a toggle.

And there’s even a side that encourages you to focus on breathing to help reduce anxiety.

Those Are the Best Tools for Stress Relief

Now you know the nine best tools for stress relief.

Stress has many negative effects but thanks to the meteoric rise in technology, there are many ways to combat it. Whether you invest in an electric massage chair or a tiny gadget like the Pip, you’ll be stress-free in no time. Happy shopping!

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