Let’s be honest with ourselves: sometimes when we’re learning Arabic, it can feel like it’s all the “same old, same old”. In other words, it becomes routine and we start to get bored with learning the language. So, how do we get ourselves out of this rut and motivate ourselves towards having the same enthusiasm that we started learning the language with? Have no fear! Kaleela.com, the premier online Arabic language learning source, has the answer with these fun ways to learn Arabic when you’re stuck in a moment of boredom.

1. Become a Social Media Butterfly

Facebook and WhatsApp are pretty popular throughout the Middle East, as well as Twitter and Instagram, so why not be like the natives and join an Arabic speaking group or follow some Arab friends and celebrities?  This way you can learn to read and write in Arabic and meet new native-speaking Arabs at the same time.

2. Come Out and Play

The world of video games has come a long way since Pac-Man and Pitfall Harry. These days, games like World of Warcraft and are all the rage around the world and not only multi-player, but multilingual as a result of their worldwide popularity. This means you can play these games online in Arabic with a group of buddies that also speak Arabic (or are learning to speak Arabic). Search for these groups and you’ll soon be chatting like a native online and having fun at the same time.

3. Find Real-Life Friends

We mentioned social media sites earlier, but sometimes it’s necessary for you to leave your “virtual” friends behind and get out and meet some real life ones. Sites like Meetup are perfect if you’re living abroad in any one of the Arabic speaking countries and allow for more casual interaction with both native-speakers and other learners like yourself.

4. Set Your Phone Language to Arabic

Setting your phone to Arabic is just about the easiest thing you can do to learn Arabic language skills. Setting your phone to Arabic forces you to use the language every time you pick up that mesmerizing little device. After awhile, you’ll learn all the vocabulary you need to access your text messages, contact lists, emails and Facebook, You’ll also find yourself swiping and tapping your device as quickly and easily as you did in your native language!

5. Become a Foodie in Arabic

Go to local Arab restaurants and try traditional some authentic Arab food, then look for recipes online for the Arabic food you like and try to make it at home with recipes written in Arabic or through watching step-by-step instructional videos on how to make the best of Arab cuisine. You can even search your neighborhood to find an Arabic grocery store to ensure your using authentic ingredients.

6. Apply Yourself through Our Mobile App

One more fun way to learn Arabic is through downloading our kaleela Arabic language learning app. Available on both Android and iOS, kaleela is a premier Arabic language learning app that not only teaches you the fundamentals of the Arabic language, but it also teaches you the different dialects of the language, something that no other Arabic language learning app does. This progressive app with a fun and user-friendly interface allows you to start at an appropriate and comfortable level and takes you from beginner to advanced levels for each dialect. Additionally, each dialect uses genuine native Arabic speakers in its audio lessons, ensuring that you will be talking like Egyptian (or, Jordanian, Palestinian Saudi, Syrian, Iraqi – you get the idea) at your own comfortable pace. And while most apps teach you the basics of reading, listening, and speaking, kaleela goes a step further by teaching you how to write in Arabic, too!These are just some of the many fun ways that you can learn Arabic. If you can think of more, please drop us a line at kaleela.com, and while you’re at it, check out our other informative articles on Arabic language and Arabic culture.

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