Are you looking for something to do this Halloween besides carving pumpkins? Well, you’re in luck!

We’ve assembled some ideas that offer a more spooky Halloween experience than you’ve had in years passed. Read below to find both our family-friendly and adult-oriented possibilities for this Halloween!

1. Host a Scary Story Bonfire


Not all spooky Halloween ideas are going to be kid-friendly, but this one can be! Gather your family, friends, or both, and get a bonfire going.

Ask everyone to come prepared with a scary story or two that they’ve either experienced or have read about. You’ll be surprised at the number of weird things people you know have encountered!

Make it extra special for the kids by making fun Halloween edition s’mores using Reese’s pumpkins instead of regular chocolate! Bonus points go to the ones who make up their own scary stories!

2. Go On a Ghost Tour

If you’re into paranormal stuff, check to see if there is a ghost tour happening near your area. Ghost tours are organized events where you learn about a location’s haunted past. No city is without its sins.

Often, you will be given ghost hunting equipment like EMF meters and dowsing rods, but you’re probably free to bring your own devices if you’d like. While some may be too scary for little ones, there are family-friendly ones as well!

Halloween Fun

3. Visit a Haunted House

Haunted houses are a classic pastime for All Hallows Eve, but they’ve really upped their game in recent years. These terrifying Halloween attractions can last up to 2 hours if you find the right one.

Some, like the one we’ve linked, even have sideshow entertainment, games, and a “Spookeasy Bar.” You can bring your kids with you or leave them with a babysitter for a fun night out with your friends.

If you want something less spooky, you can find a corn maze near your area that is open during the day. It’s fun for the whole family and kids can still be tucked in that night by bedtime.

4. Join In A Zombie Walk

Find out if your neighborhood is putting on a zombie walk or run and gather your friends to hit the pavement. Some cities organize a zombie walk through park trails making it extra creepy at night.

Get all decked out as a zombie or choose to be the victim instead. Try not to panic when the “zombies” come for you. Maybe the first to finish will get a prize!

Enjoy This Halloween

Enjoy This Halloween!

There’s something for everyone! From cuddling up by a bonfire to ghost hunting around your town.

Whatever you choose to do, enjoy this Halloween with your family and friends. Celebrate the holiday as you wish and stay safe while you do it.

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