Nothing captures the beauty of the tropics quite like the bird of paradise plant. This stunning piece of nature has a unique flower that inspires the imagination.

But its appearance isn’t the only thing that “wows” nature enthusiasts. Its history and origins also carry their share of surprises.

5 Fun Bird of Paradise Plant Facts

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1. The Bird of Paradise Flower has a Meaning as Glorious as Its Name

For centuries, flowers have wielded deep, symbolic meaning. From myths and lore to modern day plays and romantic comedies, these eye-catching plants have served as a vehicle to express our emotions.

The Bird of Paradise is known to represent beauty, freedom, and magnificence. It’s no surprise considering the elegant way it emulates a bird’s neck and head. Like a swan or crane, its lithe display captures an air of natural elegance.

2. A Healthy Bird of Paradise Can Produce Many Flowers

Plant owners who nurture their bird of paradise can experience as many as 36 different blooms per year. Each flower can live for up to 2 weeks after its clipped, giving you plenty of opportunities to showcase its beauty in arrangements all around the house.

This low maintenance plant can live both indoors or outdoors, but outside is where you will have the most opportunities for flowers. Plus, with an average height of 4 to 6 feet and a width that is nearly the same, you may be hardpressed to find room for it inside your house!

3. This Plant Has a Close Relationship with Birds

Not only does this plant have a flower that poses a striking resemblance to a long-necked bird, but it also has a direct relationship with its feathered friends.

In order to pollinate, a bird must land upon the plant’s spathe. When this happens, the pressure applied by the bird’s weight opens the bract. This leads to a pollen release that coats the bird’s feet, which is then transported to the next flower the bird lands on.

4. The Bird of Paradise is Similar to the Banana Plant

Wait, what?

You read that right! This beautiful flower is actually quite similar to the banana plant. When not in bloom, the two look a lot alike. In fact, they’re both herbaceous perennials.

5. The Bird of Paradise has Another Name

This plant originates from South America, but it goes by a different name. Locals call it the Crane Flower due to its resemblance to this ancient bird.

Interested in adding a Bird of Paradise to your landscaping? You can buy a White Bird of Paradise here or visit your local nursery. Most of these flowers grown in the United States originate from Los Angeles, California.

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