If you’re like most working adults, your opportunity to travel only comes a few times out of the year when your job allows you the time to travel. For some people, they’re perfectly fine with the times they’re given but for others, they love traveling too much and any chance they get to see the world, they take it with a quickness!

Traveling is definitely an experience unlike any other but if you think of everything that goes into traveling, it will make you question its sustainability, and more importantly, the motivation behind why people travel, especially for those who’ve turned traveling into a lifestyle.

For one, traveling is no cheap thrill. Whether it’s a road trip or a plane, you have to pay for transportation (how you’re going to get there and how you’re going to get around your destination). You have to pay for food, accommodations, and any souvenirs you might want. Secondly, how are you making money? How are you keeping your home clean? Do you have a family?

So many questions come to mind when you see people who travel often. Well, you have these curiosities because you don’t know their motivation to travel. Everyone who travels doesn’t always have the same motivation to travel as another person does, nor do they have the same motivation to continue traveling.

If you’re out fulfilling your wanderlust, that’s great! Keep living out your travel dreams! But out of curiosity… what’s the motivation behind your travels? Take a look at different motivations as to why people live a life of travel.

Maybe your motivation is listed

You Long For New Experiences

Sometimes we get so caught up in the continuity of going to work and going home that we forget that our life experiences are based on what we allow ourselves to experience.

If you live in Tennessee, you’re not going to be able to experience swimming with dolphins but if you fly to the Bahamas you will! You might be able to ride horses in your hometown or a nearby city but have you ever gone horseback riding in the ocean? If you haven’t then that would be considered as a new experience.

Things like culture and food also play a role in new experiences. In fact, food is actually a whole motivation as to why people travel… it really deserves its own category! You can order Chicago-style pizza in Montana but you haven’t truly tasted a Chicago-style pizza until you’ve tasted on in Chicago.

In experiencing new foods, you, of course, need to approach it with caution… there are certain foods to avoid when traveling, unless the new experience you want to remember is being sick in a different country!

New experiences, regardless of how many pictures and videos you take, will forever be implanted in your memory. And that’s what life’s all about… growing and experiencing new things. This is especially important when you’re traveling on your own.

You’re Not Happy at Your Job

The fact that you hate your job and you don’t get enough vacation time is one of the biggest reasons why people quit their jobs and start their own online businesses. With online businesses, you still have to do the traditional processes like obtaining funding and protecting your finances with the right business insurance policy/policies… but what’s appealing about it is the fact that you can travel anywhere in the world and still be able to earn a living.

If you’ve gotten to a point in your career where your wanderlust is overpowering your obligation to clock in and out every day, take a look at what you would need to do to become a digital nomad. Having a job that’s draining in every aspect is one of the driving motivations as to why people travel and why they haven’t lost the motivation yet!

You Need More Adventure in Your Life

For the most part, our lives are pretty predictable. You wake up, get dressed, and go to work. You fight the traffic, engage in meaningless office banter, and fight the traffic to go back home. In between all of that, you may go to the gym, grocery store, etc, but overall you have a routine that you stick to every week…

This routine might keep you in your comfort zone but don’t you sometimes want a little adventure and unpredictability in your life?

According to mentalfloss.com, seeking adventure in your travels may have some surprising health benefits for you. Things like zip lining, rock climbing, hiking, etc, are all things you can do while traveling that will fulfill your need for adventure.

If adventure is your motivation to travel, you’re going to be living a life of travel for a very long time because adventure awaits you every time you step outside of your comfort zone!

You’re Filled With Curiosity About Other Lands

Curiosity might have killed the cat but it hasn’t killed any travelers with the wanderlust bug! You’ve always known that there’s a world outside of your hometown but the only ways you’ve ever been able to see it on TV and online but one day you were bitten by wanderlust and wondered why you haven’t seen the world for yourself. Your wonder then turned into curiosity… the next thing you know, you’re getting curious about plane ticket prices to Jamaica and Fiji

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