If your conversion rate is faltering, it can seem nearly impossible to give it a boost. While getting plenty of traffic coming into your site is certainly a goal, if they never convert, the numbers are not beneficial. Thankfully, there are some proven methods of quickly upping your conversion rates and they do not take a lot of time or skill.

Why Is Your Conversion Rate So Important?

Improving your conversion rate is going to offer many benefits, including acquiring more customers, making more money per visitor, and growing your business. The goal of creating a business website is to gain greater conversion rates. Visit SharpSpring.com for more information.

5 Ways You Can Boost Your Conversion Rate Now

So, you are getting plenty of visitors to your site, but few are converting, which can be annoying. Learning the important steps you can take to immediately begin seeing conversion rate improvements is beneficial. The following five steps can be taken right now. With these tips, you can reach a goal of 2% or more conversion which is considered standard.

1. There are many schools of thought when it comes to increasing conversion. A/B testing is beneficial in helping you to choose the right version of the web page. This software allows you to create two versions of your webpage and test them to see which leads to the highest conversion rate.

2. Your proposition needs to be succinct and compelling. Basically, you are informing your visitors of why they should purchase from you and not your competitors. Strengthening your value proposition is key for increasing your conversion rates. It is more important than font, color, or style.

3. It is imperative you lead up to your sale’s pitch and do not make it the focus right away. Pushing the sale too soon is what kills many conversions. Individuals generally do not want to feel pressured; you must use a funneling technique to slowly introduce your pitch at the proper time. First, create awareness, then increase their interest, finally, follow through with the sale.

4. If you need to increase your conversion rates, cut out the fancy jargon. If you think you are impressing visitors with an expansive vocabulary, think again. Visitors need to fully understand what you are talking about. Make sure your words are chosen carefully so they offer full clarity.

5. Being prepared for the objections your visitors will have is vital for conversion. You need to be intuitive enough to address the objections before they are even uttered or thought. Address all of the possible objections and you will be able to secure your conversion.

Get Started Now

There is no option for waiting when it comes to improving conversion. The above steps can be implemented now and are not difficult. If your conversion rates have been falling, taking control now is crucial, before they fall too far.


Trying the above methods will assist you in being able to immediately begin improving your conversion rate. Try A/B testing and you will learn which of the changes is going to offer you the highest level of conversion so you can make the right choice. With the dedication to the matter, your conversion rates will certainly improve.

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