A dining room can come in a variety of styles, but it represents the same thing in every home: unity. This is the space where you connect with family and friends, where you host fun and classy gatherings, and where you share a passion for great food and conversation with those you care about. This is a room that should not go unnoticed. So, if you want to make the most out of your dining space, follow these tips to give it a fresh and modern makeover that will have everyone wanting to dine with you.

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Pick a Theme and Keep It Simple

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer French country décor, fine dining luxury, or a minimalist approach. The key to giving your dining space a modern look is to stick to a theme. Keep it fresh by avoiding grandma’s floral-patterned wallpaper and have one go-to color. There’s nothing wrong with a mismatched and eclectic look; however, if you want to show off your eclecticism, opt for juxtaposing textures and disparate styles in small items only to keep the ambiance of a modern dining room. Another important factor in creating a fresh look is to keep it simple. An overemphasis of your theme may well be overkill. Remember, less is more in the modern world of design.

Make a Statement with Decorative Accents

Centerpieces are great because they are versatile. They spruce up a plain dining table but they also make a statement. Use this piece as a form of expression and articulate your style and mood. Floral arrangements, fruit bowls, or candles will represent your personality to those you dine with. Plants, mirrors, and asymmetric shelves accentuate a home in the most modern way. You’ll want the dining space to represent you and create an atmosphere that is appropriate for your style and taste. Dining rooms are a place to gather, entertain, and to connect over good food and conversation, so the more space reflects who you are, the more inviting it will be. After all, you want to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Set the Tone with Lighting

Lighting can be considered the eyes of the room. You set the tone of an environment by the lighting. That is something an old-fashioned dining room wouldn’t have the luxury of accomplishing. Bright lights are very noticeable, causing you to liven up and pay attention; whereas soft, dimmer lights make you want to sit back and relax. Incorporate different styles and lighting fixtures so that you can set the tone to portray the atmosphere you want. You can convey the dining experience you hope to have with no words at all. Implementing a combination of lamps, candles, as well as wall or ceiling lights, allows you to determine the tone of the room. Just avoid old lighting fixtures and stick to sleek, minimalistic designs otherwise it defeats the purpose of creating a fresher look.

Include a Carpet

Don’t opt for a carpeted floor in your dining room – that’s old-school. Modern dining spaces provide the option of having a carpet when necessary; this will aid in making it easier to clean up after a gathering, too. Including a rug can give the area a warm and cozy appeal. To ensure this equates your contemporary theme, stick to simple styles for your carpet. Make sure it’s within the color palette of your theme and has a minimalistic pattern if any. Rugs with circular or square shapes also give any room a fresh makeover.

Your Dining Space

Add Unique Cutlery and Crockery

While the current trend may be to incorporate gold flatware, this doesn’t really reflect modern taste. To ensure your cutlery remains in fashion, stick to silverware – there are many simple designs available that don’t resemble a particular period of time, so it’s safe to opt for a minimalistic approach with plain designs as they will remain in style forever. When it comes to crockery, take a page out of a fancy restaurant’s book and explore the unique shapes and sizes plates come in nowadays. Remember the first time you sat in a luxurious restaurant and ate dinner off a square plate or had your appetizers served on a tiny, rectangular platter? So simple, yet so chic. Add these newfangled touches and you have already contributed to modernly revamping your dining space.

The best thing about transforming a space with modern design ideas is that it doesn’t require much to give it a fresher take. The art of modern style is that it is so simple and so effective at the same time. Start off by applying a few of the aforementioned tips and you’ll quickly see idyllic results. Giving your dining space a fresh look will have you so inspired, you’ll want to spend all your time there.

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